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Pachinko Episode 1 Release Date: Know All About the Actors’ Experiences On The Set

pachinko episode 1
Pachinko World Premiere | cr: Apple

The release date of the Apple TV+ Original television show Pachinko Episode 1 is not too far now. The small-screen adaptation of the novel of the same name about the intergenerational chronicle of love, suffering, and perseverance has many people all around the world anticipating its premiere, from fans of the novel to the fans of the Hallyu actor Lee Min Ho, not to mention the fans of the director Kogonada who has a cult-like following. Indeed it is a melting pot of fandoms apt for a show like Pachinko, which showcases a melting pot of generations and cultures from Korea, Japan, and America.

To briefly sum up the plot of Pachinko, it is the tale of a family covering four generations starting from the 1990s during the Japanese invasion of Korea, during which the main female character Sunja was born. The fans of the novel are in awe of the portrayal of the inter-personal struggles of the people from various facets and what lengths people would go to for the ones they love, all set in the background of economic turmoil. We are going to see the various tidbits shared by the main actors Lee Min Ho, Youn Yuh Jung, and Jin Ha at the Apple TV ‘Pachinko’ online conference, and of course, let you know about the Pachinko Episode 1 Release Date.

Lee Minho On Pachinko’s Rotten Tomatoes Rating

Ahead of the global debut of the show, ‘Pachinko’ has received an admirable rating of “100% certified fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes from professional critics. At the Apple TV ‘Pachinko’ online conference held on the 18th of March 2022, Lee Min Ho, who plays the character of Hansu on the show, revealed that he is very proud to be part of a project which is being so well-received by critics. Lee Min Ho says, “of course, the most important part of how the show will be evaluated by the general public still remains to be seen. But getting positive reactions from the general audience doesn’t always mean the evaluation of the quality of the work. This time, I am pleased and satisfied with the job I have done as an actor.”

pachinko episode 1

Lee Minho in the Pachinko World Premiere | cr: Apple

Youn Yuh Jung On Filming ‘Pachinko’ During Adverse Situations

Youn Yuh Jung is a veteran actress in her homeland South Korea (active in the Korean entertainment industry since 1966!) but has recently gained much-deserved global recognition (including an Oscar award!) post her participation in the film ‘Minari’. Youn Yuh Jun shared various anecdotes regarding the filming process of ‘Pachinko’ at the Apple TV ‘Pachinko’ online conference. She will be playing the role of the main character Sunja at an older age. Yoon Yuh Jung reveals, “Pachinko was being filmed mid-pandemic, so there were a lot of things that needed to be taken care of, from taking daily tests to always wearing masks on the site. Things were complicated on the filming site. Everybody raves about Apple, but they pulled off the job as efficiently as expected from them. I was worried about the rookie actresses playing the younger versions of Sunja, but of course, they did complete justice to the character.”

pachinko episode 1

Youn Yuh Jung in the Pachinko World Premiere | cr: Apple

About watching herself act, Youn Yuh Jung said, “I usually dislike watching myself act, but I watched a little bit of Pachinko as it came out (for critics and the actors), and I thought a very good job has been done.”

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Jin Ha On His Role In Pachinko

Jin ha is playing the role of Baek Solomon, who is the grandson of Sunja. Being an American-born actor of Korean ethnicity, Jin Ha shared some of the unique difficulties he had to go through to portray his character properly. He had to digest the dialogues in three languages – Korean, Japanese, and English. About this, Jin Ha says, “It was the most difficult as well as the most rewarding part of the process. It was also needful to have such multi-language dialogue in order to properly express the complicated identity of Baek Solomon. I had to learn Japanese for a long time as I thought it was really needful to properly portray the Zainichi community (Koreans living in Japan)”.

pachinko episode 1

Jinha rocking a traditional Korean hanbok in the Pachinko World Premiere | cr: Apple

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Pachinko Episode 1 Release Date

Pachinko Episode 1 will be released on 25 March 2022. The first three episodes of Pachinko are, in fact, going to be released at the same time! This is a slight move away from the usual format of releasing all the Episodes of a show at once, but we know that OTT streaming platforms have been experimenting with differing release schedules in order to maximize viewership for some time now.

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Watch Pachinko Episode 1 Online – Streaming Details

The TV-show adaptation of Pachinko is going to be broadcast on the subscription-based streaming service Apple TV+. Go to the official page of the show here. The script of the show contains three languages, namely Korean, Japanese, and English. Of course, Apple TV+ is going to provide multiple subtitle options along with each Episode.

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