Ozark Season 2 Total Episodes, List, And Details

Ozark Season 2 Episode

Ozark Season 2 is just a few days away, and fans are very curious about what to expect in the new season. Today, we’ll discuss regarding Ozark Season 2 episode list, and details; As Ozark Season 1 established a substantial foundation for upcoming seasons. And that’s basically why the show is as popular as it is today.

Ozark Season 2 Release Date

Streaming giant Netflix has confirmed that Ozark season 2 Release Date is set for 31st August 2018. The new episodes will be released on Netflix on the same day. Accompanying the release news, the company published a first-look image which left fans with even more questions.

The show was renewed for the new season in July after the show proved to be an immediate success and popularity upon its release last year. Netflix also confirmed that the upcoming season 2 would have ten episodes. Filming of season 2 began in last autumn in Atlanta, Georgia and is still ongoing.

Ozark Season 2 Official Trailer

Ozark Season 2 Episode List

Ozark season 2 episode list isn’t revealed yet although we know this season will have 10 episode which will be dropping all at once on Netflix. We will update this list as soon as we receive more information.

Ozark Season 2 Episode 1 [TO BE ANNOUNCED]
Ozark Season 2 Episode 2 [TO BE ANNOUNCED]
Ozark Season 2 Episode 3 [TO BE ANNOUNCED]
Ozark Season 2 Episode 4 [TO BE ANNOUNCED]
Ozark Season 2 Episode 5 [TO BE ANNOUNCED]
Ozark Season 2 Episode 6 [TO BE ANNOUNCED]
Ozark Season 2 Episode 7 [TO BE ANNOUNCED]
Ozark Season 2 Episode 8 [TO BE ANNOUNCED]
Ozark Season 2 Episode 9 [TO BE ANNOUNCED]
Ozark Season 2 Episode 10 [TO BE ANNOUNCED]

Ozark Season 1 Episodes List

Ozark S1 Episode 01 · Sugarwood
Ozark S1 Episode 02 · Blue Cat
Ozark S1 Episode 03 · My Dripping Sleep
Ozark S1 Episode 04 · Tonight We Improvise
Ozark S1 Episode 05 · Ruling Days
Ozark S1 Episode 06 · Book of Ruth
Ozark S1 Episode 07 · Nest Box
Ozark S1 Episode 08 · Kaleidoscope
Ozark S1 Episode 09 · Coffee, Black
Ozark S1 Episode 10 · The Toll

Ozark Season 2 Cast

Primary is all set for a come back in the second season, including Restrained Development’s Bateman and his wife, Laura Linney. The cast who will be making a comeback are mentioned below.

Martin ‘Marty’ Byrde as Jason Bateman
Wendy Byrde as Laura Linney
Charlotte Byrde as Sofia Hublitz
Jonah Byrde as Skylar Gaertner
Ruth Langmore as Julia Garner
Roy Petty as Jason Butler Harner
Jacob Snell as Peter Mullan