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Overwatch Crossplay: Everything About The New Update


Finally! The big update that the Overwatch dev team has been teasing us is here. After five years since its release, Overwatch is getting the cross-play feature very soon, confirmed by Blizzard on June 9th. We will be looking at Overwatch Crossplay Release Date and all you need to know. Finally, Overwatch players from platforms like PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch players can face off against each other. Thus it is possible to play with friends around the world regardless of their platforms.

Released back in 2006, Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The game assigns players into two teams of six, with the characters chosen by players from a large variety of characters, known as heroes. All heroes have their own unique abilities. The members in the teams work together to complete map-specific objectives within a limited period of time. What’s great about this is that Blizzard has added new characters, maps, and game modes since the release, all free of charge. This is a huge thing for the community since there is no play-to-win mechanics inside the game. The only additional cost to players being is the optional loot boxes to purchase in cosmetic items. At first, the game was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows in 2016, and Nintendo Switch in October 2019. An optimized version for the Xbox Series X and Series S was released in March 2021.

Overwatch is Blizzard’s fourth major franchise that was released after the cancellation of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Titan. Some elements of Overwatch do borrow concepts from the canceled Titan project.

Overwatch received acclaim from critics worldwide for the game’s accessibility, diverse appeal of its hero characters, cartoonish art style, and enjoyable gameplay. Reports suggest that the game earned Blizzard over US$1 billion in revenue in the very first year of its release. Just in three years, the game got a massive 50 million player base. The game one of the popular esport, with Blizzard funding and producing the global Overwatch League.

About Overwatch Crossplay

Apart from competitive on PC, Overwatch players can play in Cross-play mode in all game modes. As for competition on PC, it will be only possible between other PC players. Whereas the Console players can play ranked matches with each other. This seems the right choice considering the fact that PC players do get an advantage over console players because of the presence of a mouse and keyboard.

In order to access the crossplay, players need to create an account in so to make cross-play work since the update will be released through By this, the game could sort the player’s friends lists from different regions into a global list. By this, players need not need to switch to other servers to play with their friends since all of them are moved to the global list. But China won’t be included in this and have to play separately. Even players who are not interested in Crossplay are required to have a account.

With the addition of the Cross-play feature to the game, players will be able to play with their buddies in Quick Play, Arcade, and custom games regardless of the platforms they play. Crossplay’s popularity has been increasing lately. This is the reason why many of the huge titles like Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, Destiny 2, and plenty already support cross-play. So it’s no wonder that Overwatch decided to implement it since it will keep their community excited and may even silence the fan’s question When will Overwatch 2 will arrive.

Overwatch Crossplay Release Date

Cross-play will first land for the beta version before the actual release since it is always required to make sure that the game is bug-free. Players who are interested in trying the Overwatch Crossplay beta can visit the account and link their device to which you wanna try the beta.

Overwatch Crossplay Release Date

It is expected that Blizzard will release the crossplay mode very soon, first on their flagship series and later down the ladder. After its release, players will be required to log in to their account before Dec 31, 2021, end of the year, to receive a free Golden Loot Box to celebrate the launch.

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