Overlord III Episode 10 – Baharuth Empire VS Re-Estize Kingdom

The annual war of the Re-Estize Kingdom and Baharuth Empire is about to begin. This war is not going to be like the usual, where Emperor Jircniv and King Rampossa III is the only player in this war. In Overlord III episode 10, Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown will start his entry to world domination.

Overlord III Episode 10 – The Kingdom’s Greatest Mistake

It has been a thing for the Kingdom (led by King Rampossa III) and the Empire (led by Emperor Jircniv) to have an annual skirmish against each other. It was even called an annual war, and it is something that might or might not appear every year. However, this year’s war might be the last one because of Ainz’ entry.

One month after Ainz and Jircniv’s alliance was made known around the world, the Empire sent an official declaration of war to the Kingdom. The object in question is Baharuth’s claim that the unrightful rule of the Kingdom over E-Rantel needs to be thwarted. People are wondering who is this Sorcerer King who is meddling in their war. Because of their ignorance of magic, the nobles and the knights will just laugh over the existence of Ainz Ooal Gown. Moreover, they accepted the declaration of war dismissed the relevance of the new party. All of them reacted like this except for one person, Gazef Stronoff, Re-Estize Kingdom’s greatest warrior.


The Preparation For The Annual War

Two months after, the Kingdom received a letter from Slane Theocracy that they declare their neutrality in this war. Still ignorant about Ainz’ real power, the people of the Kingdom wonder if there’s something that they do not know about Ainz. The only thing they know about Magic overall is that sorcerers use fireballs and flight to trick their opponent. Because of this, they sent Prince Barbo to Carne Village to gather information about this Sorcerer. He’s not really happy about this task.

Overlord III Episode 10

Meanwhile, Gazef Stronoff is wondering if there’s really a chance for him to defeat Ainz. He still believes that they cannot defeat Ainz, nor it is wrong to fight with him in the first place. We will see his fate in the next episodes, but right now, the war is starting in Overlord III episode 10.

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