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OtakuKart welcomes writers from all around the world. We are not limited by the borders of the countries.

Below you will find our writers’ information, such as their work, their social media accounts, and how to reach them.


MahmadSohel Moldharia

MahmadSohel Moldharia is a journalist and blogger by profession. He lives in Navsari city of Gujarat, India. In his free time, you will often find him creating digital art pieces. At an early age, he dropped out of college in the Philippines to follow his dream, which is OtakuKart News Network.

Can be reached via: Facebook, Email & Linkedin
You can read his articles at: Articles by Mahmadsohel Moldharia

Jerika Moldharia

Jerika Moldharia is the head of the Research And Development department at OtakuKart. She lives in Navsari, Gujarat, India. She loves writing romance & mystery stories whenever she can.

Can be reached via: Facebook & Email

Muneeb Hashmi

Muneeb Hashmi is the Editor-in-Chief at OtakuKart. He loves writing about Anime & Manga and has written plenty of content for OtakuKart before moving on to the Editorial Department. 

Team: Editorial Department
Can be reached via: Email
You can read his articles at: Articles by Muneeb Hashmi

Richard Rosales
Sr. Editor

Richard Rosales is from Manila, Philippines, and in his free time, he loves watching Marvel & Fantasy movies. He is currently working in the editorial department. Now and then, he creates video stories for the viewers & readers.

Team: Editorial Department

Meshack Makungo
Content Writer

Meshack Makungo is an anime enthusiast from Cape Town, South Africa. He is so into anime & manga that he doesn’t like to write anything other than anime & manga. He reviews episodes and manga chapters every day.

Team: Anime & Manga
Can be reached via: Facebook & Twitter
You can read his articles at: Articles by Meshack Makungo

Srijita Saha
Content Writer

Srijita Saha hails from the City of Joy, Kolkata, India. Writing has always been her hobby. She write articles on lifestyle. Especially celebrity gossip. Besides that, Asian entertainment like Kdrama & Kpop also excites her a lot. Gamsa-haeyo!

Team: Lifestyle
Can be reached via: Email
You can read her articles at: Articles by Srijita Saha

Preksha Sharma
Content Writer

Preksha Sharma is a writing enthusiast from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. She loves Asian dramas and tv shows, and that’s what she writes about at Otakukart. She likes daze-core and archive fashion and drinking overpriced lattes.

Team: TV Shows
Can be reached via: TwitterFacebook
You can read her articles at: Articles by Preksha Sharma

Sheeza Khan
Content Writer

Annyeonghaseyo! It’s Sheeza Khan. She is a management graduate from Delhi who is discovering her creative side while writing about her favorite TV Shows. She loves watching thrillers and she will never grow weary of watching them.

Team: TV Shows
You can read her articles at: Articles by Sheeza Khan

Mudassir Kamran
Content Writer

Mudassir Kamran is an anime and manga fanatic with a talent for writing. Based in Mumbai, India, he spends his days coding and his nights diving into the latest anime and manga releases. With a deep understanding of the cultural nuances and storytelling techniques that make each series unique, Mudassir is a skilled writer and passionate blogger.

Team: Anime & Manga
Can be reached via: Twitter
You can read her articles at: Articles by Mudassir Kamran

Mohsin Nakade
Content Writer

Mohsin Nakade is from Mumbai, India. Here at OtakuKart, he likes to write about Movies, TV Shows, and mostly Superhero stuff. He mainly writes about ending explanations for movies & tv shows. He is a huge fan of Spiderman, Game of Thrones & Attack on Titan. When it comes to Music, he totally loves Zayn Malik & One Direction.

Team: Entertainment
You can read her articles at: Articles by Mohsin Nakade

Rohit Jaiswar
Content Writer

Rohit Jaiswar hails from Uttar Pradesh, India. He has been watching anime, tv series, and movies, reading manga & listening to k-pop for a while now. He joined OtakuKart to share his ideology regarding them, and yes, as good as a writer, he is, and he also draws very well. You should check out his Instagram.

Team: Anime & Manga
Can be reached via: Instagram
You can read her articles at: Articles by Rohit Jaiswar

Ashraf Khan
Content Writer

Ashraf Khan is an anime enthusiast and loves to write content revolving around it. He belongs to Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. At OtakuKart he covers anime & manga, if you’d like to read his articles, then you can click on the link below to read.

Team: Anime & Manga
Can be reached via: Facebook
You can read her articles at: Articles by Ashraf Khan

Ansha Khokhar
Content Writer

Ansha Khokhar is a second-year B.Tech student. She lives in Noida city of Uttar Pradesh, India. With a panache for creative writing, she has always been passionate about journaling and blogging. Neon Genesis Evangelion was the first anime she ever watched and it left a deep impact on her. Since then, she has watched a variety of anime and read many mangas, and she specializes in writing about manga as a passionate reader herself.

Team: Manga
You can read her articles at: Articles by Ansha Khokhar