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OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021 Winners

OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021
OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021.

Anime productions in the last few years have surprised us. Every year we get multiple anime that leave us mesmerized. We get so much to talk about, and discussion forums fill up with perspectives about them from fans all around the globe. Anime has become a massive part of the entertainment world and has an ever-growing number of fans. 2020 was a year filled with a variety of anime series and movies. At OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021, we bring forth the best from the year. It goes without saying that most anime from 2020 was crafted with love, care, and brilliancy. Even amidst those, some stood out, dazzling with the impact they had on its broad audience. We will discuss these and point out why we think the said anime movies or series stand out as the undeniable ‘best’ in the given categories.

What makes an anime great or successful can never be answered in a single word. People have difficulties pointing out a single anime as their favorite as there are many things to consider. We are offered a variety of genres, character types, animation, and whatnot! To pinpoint a single anime as the best with so many factors in mind is simply impossible. In OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021, we will be awarding ten anime in ten different categories. For anime fans who want to watch anime that are sure to leave long-lasting impacts, these are the ones that you need to take a chance with.

Anime is not just about which show can produce the most exotic animation. While that may be a factor, fans are always searching for a plot that touches the heart and character interactions that they can cherish. This is the very foundation of the OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021.

Anime With the Best Animation

Best Animation in an anime, 2020: Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

Studio:  Ufotable.

Run Time: 117 Minutes.

Release date: 16 October 2020.


Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Nezuko head off to fight another demon with the Flame Pillar, Kyojuro Rengoku. There have been reports of multiple disappearances on a train. At the same time, a demon has also killed many demon slayers who tried to solve the case. Thus, the Pillar and the four younger Demon Slayers board the train, planning to eradicate the problem once and for all. But, the moment the train moves, they fall into a deen and enchanting sleep. How will the Demon Slayers escape this trap and protect everyone else on the train?

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train was a major success after its release in Japan as well as worldwide. It broke records and earned up to 500 million USD in the Box Office. The animation of the Demon Slayer 2020 movie was outstanding. Ufotable studio outdid themselves and created the best animations of 2020. The experience of watching the movie exceeded by multiple folds because of the jaw-dropping graphics and CGI.

For the winner of the OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021 Best Animation category, there could be no other better deserving anime than Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.

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Best Action Anime

Best Action Anime: Golden Kamuy: Season 3

Studio: Geno Studio

Number of Episodes: 12

Release Date: 5 October 2020.


Asirpa and Sugimoto were separated after the battle in prison, but will they get reunited in this season? Will they dwell alone? Asirpa, along with Shiraishi, is taken to Karafuto by Ogata. They search for her father with the clues left behind. At the same time, Sugimoto unites with the Tsurumi and the 7th and head towards Karafuto, looking for Asirpa. More obstacles await as they look for the Ainu Gold.

Golden Kamuy has some of the most fabulous yet underrated action scenes. The characters are strong, and comedy flows along the lines. Prisoners, betrayals, street fights, and a hidden treasure; what more could we need for a good fight sequence to develop. If you haven’t watched it yet, Golden Kamuy is a must-watch action anime.

It has three seasons so far, and it is filled with a brilliant plot. But above all, Golden Kamuy was the best action anime of 2020.

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Best Fantasy Anime

Best Fantasy Anime: Attack On Titan Season 4 (Part 1)

Studio: MAPPA

Number of Episodes: 16

Release Date: 7 December 2020


Eren Yeager and the rest of the Survey Corps have finally revealed the secrets of the basement. Finally, knowing about the world beyond the walls, they head towards it. In Marley, they are met with warriors who have sworn to protect their nation. As Eren learns more about the fate of the Eldians, what path will he take?

This is the first part of the fourth and final season of the Attack on Titan anime series. The anime has not disappointed fans in any of the seasons, and the same can be said about its final season. Attack on Titan season 4 had the most exotic fantasy of 2020. There is action, drama, skilled fight scenes, and involvement of overpowered Titans that make it not only the best fantasy series of the year but one of the best in the decade.

Otakukart Anime Awards 2021 gleefully crowns Attack on Titan season 4 (Part 1) as the best fantasy anime of 2020. Its creative plot breaches all limits of imagination and fills our hearts with all sorts of emotional flavors.

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Best Supernatural Anime

Best Supernatural Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

Studio: MAPPA

Number of Episodes: 24

Release Date: 3 October 2020


Yuji Itadori is an exceptionally strong student, but he does not join any sports club. Instead, he chooses the Occult Club to slack off. On his death bed, his grandfather tells him to use his strength to help people and live a life so that he can choose how he dies. The Occult Club comes across a special grade curse object wrapped in a cloth. They carelessly open it, attracting many cursed spirits. At the same time, Megumi Fushiguro, claiming to be a sorcerer, comes to their rescue, but all his remedies fail. Unable to find any other solution, Yuji ends up eating the finger, thus getting possessed by the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna. For unknown reasons, Yuji can control the cursed spirit.

To help him, he is taken to attend the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School to learn more about curses and ways of exorcising them. But, somewhere in the world of curses, a threat is on the move, plotting towards an unknown goal.

Jujutsu Kaisen earned its place in the OtakuKart Anime Awards 2020 as the Best Supernatural Anime of 2020. The anime concluded with a big bang, leaving fans asking for more. Its very idea of curses and exorcism is intriguing. But the skillfully created curse techniques need a lot of appreciation. The creativity stands at its peak as we see many unique and overpowered abilities of the different characters. The anime is currently streaming on Netflix and is definitely the shonen anime of 2020 that must not be missed.

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Best Sports Anime

Best Sports Anime: Haikyu!!: To The Top

Studio: Production IG

Number of Episodes: 24

Release Date: 11 January 2020


After defeating Shiratorizawa and qualifying for the Nationals, Kageyama Tobio and Tsukishima Kei are selected for two different training camps. On seeing them progress, Hinata feels left out and decides to sneak in into the Shiratorizawa Training Camp that Tsukishima was attending. However, Coach Washijo does not tell him to leave the camp, but he also does not allow him to play in the games either. Only an observer, how will Hinata bring himself to become stronger? 

Haikyu!! has always proven to be one of those ‘more than just a sports anime’ kind. It nourishes its characters, makes sure they fail, and lets us watch them rise. Much like its previous seasons, Haikyu!! To The Top brings back the entire package of a thrilling sports series. The new season is loaded with precious sportsmanship and powerful moves. As Hinata grows, we too learn more about Volleyball. The entire series is motivating and makes sure to explore every angle of learning a sport.

Introducing new uplifting characters and crazy new attack forms, Haikyu!! To The Top stands as the Best Sports anime of 2020 in the OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021.

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Best LGBTQ+ Anime

Best LGBTQ+ Anime: Saezuru Tori Wa Habakatanai: The Clouds gather


Run Time: 85 Minutes.

Release Date: 15 February 2020


Yashiro, a Yakuza boss of the Shinseikai Group, is infamous for being a sex-addicted masochist gay man. One day, the straight-faced Doumeki Chikara is appointed as his bodyguard. Yashiro claims not to lay hands on his subordinates but ends up touching Doumeki, but the latter tells him that he is impotent. Doumeki tells him that Yashiro is the most beautiful person he had seen. As the story progresses, we see more to Yashiro than being a perverted sex addict and more to Doumeki than being a dumb man with brute strength. Their story shapes as they heal each other’s scars while surviving in the dangerous underworld.

2020 brought ahead some very interesting LGBTQ+ anime, but Saezuru Tori Wa Habakatanai: The Clouds Gather takes the cake. The anime is more than just a unique love story. Every character has a back story filled with their own share of tragedy. The protagonist, Yashiro shines bright despite the darkness that the story follows. Its beautiful pace captures its viewers with serotonin. There are impactful dialogues that also make the heart go heavy, and the mind goes light at the same time. Watching Saezuru Tori Wa Habakatanai: The Clouds Gather was a wholesome experience. If people are looking for an intense BL drama anime, this is a must-watch.

For this out-of-the-world experience, Saezuru Tori Wa Habakatanai: The Clouds Gather is crowned the Best LGBTQ+ Anime in the OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021.

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Best Slice-of-Life Anime

Best Slice-of-Life Anime: Fruits Basket Season 2

Studio: TMS Entertainment

Number Of Episodes: 25

Release Date: 7 April 2020


Toru has now learned the secrets of the Souma family. However, every time it seems like she unfolds something new. Season 2 of Fruits Basket tracks the story of Toru as she spends the summer vacation with Yuki and Kyo. The three are close, but there are too many feelings still entangled in between them.

The Fruits Basket anime has barely disappointed anyone for its wholesome content. It is an excellent example of a slice-of-life anime that has an equilibrium of angst and fluff. Fruits Basket Season 2 flawlessly shows its cards. It has romance, a tad bit of mystery, and a lot of pleasant school memories. After its second season, the final season came out recently as well, and we finally said goodbye to one of the most satisfactory slice-of-life anime to have ever been created. With its last season out, you can binge the entire series without waiting and enjoying a ride through a magical journey.

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Best Isekai Anime

Best Isekai Anime: Re: Zero Season 2

Studio: White Fox

Number Of Episodes: 25

Release Date: 8 July 2021


Subaru and Irlam return to Irlam Village, but a sudden attack from the Sin Archbishops leaves Subaru devastated. To find answers, they go to the Sanctuary. He meets the Witch of Greed, Echidna. Now on a battle with his and future, Subaru must find a way to help the people entrapped. To add up, more threats are passing their way. Subaru must protect Emilia, and if he fails, he lives in a loop.

A follow-up of the first season, season 2 of Re: Zero, was anticipated largely. The season stood on our expectations and turned out to be the best Isekai anime of 2020. It carries a gory theme and a horror-filled arc when it gets serious. Moreover, the characters continue to make it more interesting with the occasional comedy and the subtle romance.

OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021 recognizes Re: Zero Season 2 as the fittest to win the Best Isekai Anime category.

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Best Horror Comedy Anime

Best Horror-Comedy Anime: Dorohedoro

Studio: MAPPA

Number Of Episodes: 12

Release Date: 13 January 2020


Kaiman is a man with amnesia whose face has been transformed to look like a lizard by magic. He lives in Hole, a place meant for beings of the lowest class. They are treated as scums and sparred no sympathy or justice. It is common knowledge for them to get discriminated against and wronged. In this world, Kaiman makes friends with Nikaido, who runs a restaurant. To regain his true face and memory, he continues to search for the wizard who cast a spell on him with his partner, Nikaido.

Dorohedoro is a dark and violent anime that is lightened by its heartfelt comedy. The anime’s concept in itself lets us experience the darkest sides of the most negative emotions. It will make you question your ethics while making you laugh through your teeth. Demons and curses appear in the show to further deepen the fear that this anime implants. There are multiple things worth loving in this anime. We would repeatedly recommend this to anyone who cannot find the thrill in average shonen anime.

Through its intense violence and outstanding grasp of darkness to make an exciting plot, Dorohedoro is undeniably the Best Horror-Comedy anime of 2020.

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Best Psychological Anime

Best Psychological Anime: Great Pretender

Studio: Wit Studio

Number Of Episodes: 23

Release Date: 9 July 2020


Makoto Edamura lives the life of a criminal, pickpocketing and scamming people. However, when he is conned, he finds himself amid a police chase. Fortunately, he runs into the conman responsible, Laurent Thierry, who had put up an act as a tourist. Makoto follows Laurent to Los Angeles and is determined to establish that he is the best con artist. He partners up with Laurent as they head on to attempt the biggest heist on the biggest mafia boss on the West Coast.

A foolproof plan is probably the most amiable quality in any psychological anime. Now, Great Pretender is no ordinary psychological anime. It’s a psychological comedy that cannot be missed no matter what your preferred genre is. Great Pretender tends to make sure that its viewers are never bored. At times it will pull out an ecstatic twist, and other times it will keep them entertained with comedy. It has a great plot stitched using many plot twists that never fail to surprise the viewers.

Blessed with a great heist strategy, Great Pretender was a brilliant anime released in 2020.

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OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021

A lot of anime from 2020 did not make it to the list that was great but had minor flaws or the anime listed held a heavier impact. For 2020 Best Action, Kingdom was highly considered, but it is still ongoing, so adding it to the list of completed anime felt unfair. At the same time, Golden Kamuy has a great plotline that often gets ignored or misjudged, so appreciating it felt necessary. For people who have missed it, we would like for them to give it a chance.

For the Best LGBTQ+ category, the Given anime was highly considered. But, Saezuru Tori was Habakatanai: The Clouds Gather has a deeper and more mature theme. In terms of an anime that left me more in tears, I would definitely go for the said anime over Given, even if I shed a considerable amount of tear watching the latter as well.

The focus area was mostly based on the anime’s popularity and ratings. This was all while keeping the plot of the anime in consideration when constructing the list. Some of the choices were conflicting, while some came off as evident. One such example was the Demon Slayer movie, which grew on many fans for its amazingly done animation. 2020’s anime production was great, and we continue to look forward to more such releases in the future.

OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021

Most of the anime listed on the OtakuKart Anime Awards 2021 are available on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Funimation, or Amazon Prime. You can stream them online anytime and anywhere for a great streaming experience with all benefits.

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