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Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose Episode 6: Preview and Recap

Osamake Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won't Lose

Haru finds that Kuroha is sick and he is not taking a proper meal. He talks with the girls about how they can help Kuroha recover fast. Maria Momosaka also joined them, and Haru reveals that Maria is the child actor. The girls got excited hearing tha Momosaka Maria is the one from The Perfect Little Sister. Maria asks Haru who those three are, and Haru reveals that they are Kuroha’s younger sister. He also said they live next door, and they have always been like his own little sister.

Haru reveals that the big one is the second daughter Midori, middle school third-year, but she is a bit violent and athletic. Midori plays tennis on the national level. She yells at Haru not to call her violent. He reveals that the third daughter is Aoi, a middle school first year; she is shy but basically an angel. Aoi comments that Haru is giving her too many praises. The youngest one is Akane, a middle school first-year and Aoi twin. Akane is a prodigy who passed level 1 of the Global Mathematics Certification.

Previously on Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose Episode 5

Haru reveals that Akane, Aoi, Midori, and Kuroha are known as the Colouful Sisters. Maria comments that they are just like her sisters. She told them to make it simple they can call her Momo. Haru told her to leave that part, and she gets too close to him, saying that he is the only brother she has. Midori pulls Momo back and told her not to get too close to Haru. Momo asks Midori if she is jealous, and Midori comments that she is not. Midori told them that she wouldn’t call her Momo but Maria.

Momo told her that she is thinking of taking pictures with the girls and uploading them to celebrate meeting with them on social media. She also told Midori that it would get them a lot of likes and followers. Midori told Momo not to bait her with that trick. Momo replies that she wants them to be friends. Midori comments that she is not rejecting her, and it makes Momo happy. Haru realizes that it is getting late and suggest for Momo to go home in time. Momo said she wants to stay here for the night.

Osamake Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won't Lose

Osamake Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose

Colorful Sisters

Midori gets angry since she realizes that Momo is here to mess up with them and get closer to Haru. She told Haru to convince Momo to go home. Haru asks Momo if she is doing that on purpose. Momo reveals what they used to do in the past when they play together. The three sister comments that Haru is a pervert. Momo comments that she was pulling Haru’s leg; they never did that in the past. The girls are glad that Haru is still a virgin. They escort Mom since nothing has happened between her and Haru.

When she is in a taxi, she told Haru to consider coming back to show business. Momo leaves ans they head back to the house. Midori comments that she knows that this will happen since Kuroha confessed to Haru and got rejected in the past. Haru asks Midori who told her about the confession festival. Midori replies that she saw the way Kuroha is acting and behaving. Haru comments he never thought Midori could be sensitive, and she told him that she is a girl and she knows these things.

Haru looks at the way Midori is sitting and tells her to act like a girl. She shakes her chest and her hips. Haru apologized and told her that she is very much a girl. Midori notices that he is looking at her chest and tells him that he is a pervert. She asks him what he will do about Kuroha. He decided that he will help Kuroha recover. Later Haru fed Kuroha, who asks him what will happen if he moves closer to her. The two embrace each other, but Kachi arrives with Kai.

Osamake: Romantic Comedy Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose Episode 6 Release Date

Osamake: Romantic Comedy Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose Episode 6 will release on Wednesday, 18 May 2021, at 9:00 PM JST. You can watch Osamake: Romantic Comedy Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose online on Crunchyroll.

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