Everyone has been waiting for One Punch Man Season 2 since years now, and every year rumors suggest that it may be coming out soon, but it never really does. This year, it was the same, and we’ve been on a crazy ride, especially during this past week. You may already know what I’m referring to, but in case you don’t, let me fill you in. One Punch Man Season 2 has been talked about a lot this week, and there has been a lot of drama regarding this in the anime community.

One Punch Man Season 2 Official Release Date

We all believed that One Punch Man Season 2 would come out in Winter 2020 and that the first episode of the show would air today, August 12, 2018. But it turns out, that’s not quite correct. A lot of sources reported that One Punch Man Season 2 would be coming out this Sunday at the One Punch Man event that’s being held in Japan.

We’re sorry for the inaccuracy of the information. One Punch Man’s official release date is supposed to be April 2019. This has already been confirmed now, and there are no doubts that the show will return next year. A 2020 release date would’ve been really hard for the fans to wait for; as One Punch Man Season 1 came out five years ago, and waiting that long for its return would’ve been a lot harder than it seems.

Thankfully, we’ll get One Punch Man Season 2 next year in Spring, since most of the popular anime return at around that time. There is also going to be a teaser trailer that’s coming out later today, and we’ll make sure to share that with you guys as well. The teaser will be 20 seconds long and will feature some details from the plot of One Punch Man Season 2.

One Punch Man Season 2

A Key Visual for One Punch Man Season 2 was also revealed recently, and it shows us what the series is going to focus on. Garou will be playing a huge role in the next season; we’re led to believe. Are you all excited for the return of One Punch Man Season 2?


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