One Piece probably has an extremely broad universe that sometimes is very hard to keep track of. It isn’t just about Pirates, and Marines. There are so many other important things in the series like the Gorosei, the Tenryuubito, and of course the Revolutionary Army. When it comes to the Revolutionary Army, we haven’t really seen much of them in the entire series. A little focus was thrown on them during the Dressrosa arc, but since we’re in the Reverie Arc right now, they’re bound to be put in focus. The leader of the Revolutionary Army is Monkey D Dragon, who is also known as the world’s most wanted criminal. Dragon was revealed to have a very powerful group, but frankly speaking, we never really saw anyone OP from this group.

The Strongest Members Of The Revolutionary Army

Revolutionary Army

Sabo was revealed to us recently, while others like Kuma and Ivankov just aren’t that powerful (compared to the likes of Yonko Commanders, or Admirals). It was then mentioned that the Revolutionary Army had a bunch of Commanders as well, and in the previous One Piece chapter, they were finally revealed to us all. The first one who we saw as Morley. Morley is a giant and is the Commander of the West Army. He is also a Devil Fruit user. The next is Belo Betty. She is the Commander of the South Army. Belo Betty also has a Devil Fruit, and it gives her the power to encourage people. Those who are encouraged feel a surge of power within and become really powerful.

Revolutionary Army Commanders

The Commander of the South Army is Lindbergh. He looks to be very smart and can invent weapons on the go. His inventions seen to be very convenient. We also have Karasu, who is the Commander of the North Army. He possesses some weird powers related to Crows. Karasu has been seen before at Dressrosa, but his face wasn’t revealed to us. I’m excited to see all of them in some serious action. Hopefully, the next few chapters will tell us what the Revolutionary Army is really capable of.


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