The Rift – The Marine vs The World Government


Thinking about the current situation between the Marine and the World Government. In particular, between the new Fleet Admiral Akainu and the Gorosei. I came to think that there could be a possible rift (or anyway a division) between these two parts.

Why? Let me introduce you to my theory! As far as the division of powers in the world of One Piece is concerned, we know that the Gorosei are the five supreme leaders who make all the decisions for the organization called “World Government”. In addition, this “World Government” is composed by different parts, and one of those parts is exactly the Marine. The Marine is under the orders of the Fleet Admiral, who takes all the decisions for the other marines. Despite the fact that he has anything to do what the Gorosei says.

We know that Akainu had his own idea of what “justice” is. And on the other hand, the two new Admirals Fujitora and Greenbull don’t seem to agree with all of the orders given by the Gorosei. For example, Fujitora is completely against the system of the Shichibukai.

For this reason, we could assume that Akainu, Fujitora, and Greenbull decided to take charge of the Admirals because they can get power. And that power can make changes happen. So they thought they could make the whole system change. If they decided to “ally” against the Gorosei.

Anyway, the Gorosei are supposed to be on Yonko levels. Although they are only old men who spent their lives talking about the world. One of them usually wields a katana with him. And in my opinion the other four haven’t gained their charge due to money. They must demonstrate their strength in order to control the world, which means being able to defeat any possible opponent.

The fact that the four Admirals don’t agree with the Gorosei’s decisions could cause a rift between those two parts of the World Government. This could bring the whole system to a condition of collapse.

Anyway, I think that Akainu deserved to be charged as “Fleet Admiral” more than Aokiji because in this time pirates are to cruel. For example, Jack The Drought, who imprisoned and tortured the members of the Mink tribe. So that Akainu’s idea of “extreme and absolutely justice” could help the world to go back to the ancient forgotten values.


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