During the current Big Mom arc we have seen a lot of amazing characters and abilities, but one in particular has attracted a lot of fans’ attention: in fact, in chapter 888 we saw Carrot’s incredible Su Long form, which brought us to understand that this “Su Long form” can be considered as the true form of the Minks and that it is usually shown during Full Moon nights; thanks to this particular transformation, every Mink’s skill develops a lot, making them a lot stronger than they are when they don’t transform.

But guess what? Although maybe someone has forgotten, Carrot is not the only Mink on Whole Cake Island: in fact, there’s Pekoms as well!

Pekoms is a member of the Big Mom Pirates and a lion Mink, he’s usually partnered with Tamago and it’s said that both are powerful; despite this, we’ve already seen Tamago’s amazing Devil Fruit powers in his fight against Pedro, but we haven’t already seen anything special coming from Pekoms, although Tamago is very powerful and the Mink is supposed to be as powerful as him.

In addition, going back to chapter 888, it has been titled “Lion”: it seems a strange title in reality, doesn’t it? I mean, it talks about Carrot and her Su Long form, so that Oda should have named it like “Rabbit” or “Su Long” for example, but he didn’t; we already know that in Oda’s work coincidences never exist, so maybe he was trying to tell us something?

In fact, when the Big Mom Pirates saw Carrot’s transformation in her Su Log form, they didn’t look like they were shocked, why?

Well, following this logic I thought of a theory for which they already knew the effects of the Full Moon on a Mink because they had already seen them on Pekoms and Pekoms’ Su Long form has been so impressive to bring them to consider him as strong as Tamago.


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