Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about One Piece episode 825. The episode will be airing in a couple of hours. But we do have a bunch of interesting spoilers from the episode. If you would rather avoid spoilers, and wait for the episode, then I suggest you leave this post. However, if you don’t mind reading spoilers, then let’s begin.

Whole Cake Island arc is halfway through in the anime as well. Luffy and Sanji are finally going to reunite in the next episode, and everyone is hyped for it. Toei is promoting this episode themselves, so expect some great work to be seen on the show tomorrow. Last week’s episode 824 was amazing as well, and it looks like a lot more emphasis has been laid out for tomorrow’s episode.

Last week, we saw Sanji finally finding Luffy at this rendezvous point, starving to death. This week, we’ll see Sanji and Luffy confront each other. Sanji will have finally returned to the Strawhat Pirates once again. We’re also going to see one of the best characters in the Whole Cake Island arc, Charlotte Katakuri in tomorrow’s episode.

I think that makes the episode even better than people would normally expect it to be. Katakuri’s introduction should be brief, yet powerful. The Strawhats may also be able to talk to Sanji after a long time in today’s episode. From here on, the second part of the Whole Cake Island arc behind, and it’s going to be a lot more exciting.

We’re going to get closer to Tea Party with each passing episode. That’s when the arc is going to get really exciting. Whole Cake Island didn’t get off to the best start, but I think it has improved considerably over the last few weeks. Let’s hope that it continues from here on out.

I’m expecting tomorrow’s One Piece episode to blow everyone away. The amount of promotion that Toei has done for this over Social Media means that some great people have worked on it. And I am really hyped for Sanji’s return as well. The Firetank pirates will also join the fray soon, and the Strawhat — Firetank alliance is about to begin as well.


One Piece Just Hinted At The Power Of The Shogun Of Wano

Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about the Shogun of Wano, and how he might have already been hinted at in the One Piece series, yet nobody was able to notice it. Since this is just a theory, please don’t continue if you don’t like reading them. But, if you enjoy good theories, then you will like this one a lot, and so let’s begin.

The Shogun of Wano is one of the most talked about characters in One Piece, prior to the Wano arc. He betrayed his people and joined forces with Kaido, in order to maintain control over the land of Wano. Since Kaido agreed to joining hands with the Shogun, he must have been very powerful, and that leads a lot of people to believe different theories about the Shogun of Wano. Some speculate that he’s the World’s Strongest Swordsman (before Mihawk), others say that he has a Dragon Zoan Devil Fruit, and then there are those who say that he isn’t even a fighter at all.

We probably won’t know what he can do or what powers he has until we are actually able to see him. Yet, there is a subtle hint provided in the storyline, that not many of you have noticed. This hint comes from a Japanese folklore of Momotarō. You’ve probably heard of it, right? The Marine Admirals were based off of this folklore as well, and so are a lot of other characters.

One of them happens to be Momonosuke, who is vital to the story of Wano. Momonosuke represents Momotarō in this story. In the story of Momotarō, and his adventures, he recruits a Monkey, a Dog, and a bird to help him defeat two Ogres that look like a Dragon and a Tiger. Now tying this to the real story, Momotarō is Momonosuke.

He has recruited Luffy (Monkey), Dog (Inuarashi), and Bird (Marco), to help him fight against those who have taken over his country. These would be Kaido (Dragon) and the Shogun (Tiger) going by this. The Shogun should have the appearance of a Tiger, and he should definitely be one of the strongest in Wano, without any doubts. Now, there is a possibility that the shogun is a Tiger Devil Fruit user.

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