In this post, we will be talking about One Piece Chapter 908. The world of OP is full of pirates who are trying to find that certain treasure which Gol D. Roger left behind. The pirate crew that will be acquiring the One Piece would be the world’s strongest Pirate Crew and the captain would be the Pirate King. Those are the things that are established in the series already. However, there’s still one more thing that we still don’t know yet: who was the Pirate King before Gol D. Roger? One Piece chapter 908 will tell us more about this old pirate crew.

One Piece Chapter 908

After surrendering himself and dying in Loguetown, the Roger Pirates disbanded. Some of the former crew members went on and made a name of their own while some like Rayleigh who became a coating mechanic in Sabaody Archipelago. All in all, they were big in the past, and still big in the present. What was forgotten from the past is the strongest crew that the Roger Pirates succeeded at some point in the past. After chapter 907, it is believed that this group is actually the group that Garp used to fight against 40 years ago: the Rocks.

One Piece chapter 908

I know, it sounds like the name of a very muscular wrestler the do movies for moonlighting, but bear with it. The Rocks used to be the strongest pirate crew before Roger, but before getting into the power like that of Roger, presumably, Garp moved and prevented them growing. It is not still revealed if Garp is the one who killed the leader of the Rocks, but he is no doubt involved in the group’s downfall.

According to Hina, the group is still active and haven’t disbanded. They’re also growing is size and power. According to Garp himself, when this ancient group is to move again, even the Marines will have a hard time dealing with them. Because of this, the Rocks are probably in the level or even more powerful than Kaido’s crew or Big Mom’s crew.

One Piece chapter 908

Will this group become an obstacle to Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates? There is still no way to confirm this out. Hopefully, they would ally with Luffy because, hey, two Yonkous are trying to kill him already. An ally is not a bad thing for the Strawhats right now.

One Piece Chapter 908 – Download / Scan Raw

We will update this post on Where to read and download One Piece Chapter 908 Raw / Scans online, as soon as we have details. Stay tuned.


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