The Marines Admirals are the biggest Superpower in the World Government. They’re the strongest people at their disposal, and their strength is comparable to Yonko right-hand men, and maybe even slightly higher. The first Marine Admiral that we saw in One Piece was Aokiji. He was revealed during the Long Ring Long Island arc, and he showed us what he was really capable of.

Admiral Level Marines: Momousagi and Chaton

Admiral Level Marines

Following Aokiji, Kizaru made his appearance at Sabaody Archipelago, where beat the entire Supernovas by himself. At the Paramount War, all three Admirals were present, and they fought the Whitebeard Pirates to the best of their abilities.

The third, and the final Admiral Akainu was also revealed at Marineford, and he was fearsome, to say the least. With the victory of the Marines in the Paramount War, things were expected to go smoothly. However, that wasn’t the case. Sengoku resigned as the Fleet Admiral, which caused a rift between Akainu and Aokiji.

Admiral Level Marines

Both were nominated for the spot of Fleet Admiral, and they were both deserving candidates. In the end, Akainu was made the Fleet Admiral, while Aokiji left the Marines. This opened up two spots for Marine Admirals, and Kizaru was the only one left there. We all know that via the World Government draft, Fujitora, and Ryokugyu were chosen. However, there were two other candidates for the spot of the Admiral, which I think most of you don’t know about.

They were mentioned by Oda in an SBS, and both of them are the Vice-Admirals of the Marines. These Vice Admirals are a step above the other Vice Admirals. One of them is called Momousagi (Peach Rabbit), and the other is called Chaton (Brown Pig). During the time-skip, both Chaton, and Momousagi were up for the spot of Admirals, but they were ultimately not chosen.

However, they’re still very powerful. If they’re strong enough to be chosen as a candidate for the Admiral position, they’re likely going to be on the same level as the other Admirals as well. Both of them made brief appearances in One Piece: Film Gold and they’re probably going to make their appearance in the one piece manga as well. I think they’ll be worthy opponents if the Strawhats were to ever face them.


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