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One Piece: Luffy Is Going To Lose

luffy vs katakuri

While I was reading some One Piece theories and posts on recent event in the mang, I found out that lot of people agree about the fact that Luffy is underestimated, in particular in the fight he’s involved in now against Katakuri. You know what? I think he’s OVERestimated.

I mean, lot of them were trying to find excuses in order to justify his weakness, something like “he has been running for the whole Big Mom arc” … Are you kidding me?! Luffy is running since the episode number 1, he absolutely cannot lose stamina because of a run. Furthermore, he ate Sanji’s food and he slept, so that we can’t consider him as totally without stamina.

In my opinion Luffy will lose this fight, and you know why? Because Katakuri is Big Mom’s strongest sweet commander, so he’s stronger also than Cracker, and to beat Cracker Luffy needed Nami’s help. For this reason I think that Luffy will lose against Katakuri if he goes on basing only on the abilities we all know (or also if he doesn’t receive someone else’s help).

Luffy Vs Akainu

Then I also read some people’s comments in which they wrote that in their opinion Luffy will show us a new Gear Fourth form he’s hiding which will make him win. Now, try to think about it, “hiding” what? I mean, Luffy is a lot beyond the point he’s allowed to hide something, isn’t he?

If he’s hiding a powerful attack or a new form, he’s crazy, because this could have caused Nami’s death while he was unconscious for example; moreover, if he had used it before, the Mugiwaras could have avoided a lot of useless fights and losses of time.

In my opinion, the only way Luffy could win is by pushing his body to its absolute limits like he did in Marineford; this could make sense, also because this “push” could be useful as a lesson for him and help Luffy to reach the Gear Fifth and/or the Awakening status of Gomu-Gomu devil fruit in the future.

But, on the contrary, he’s conscious of the fact that any of these “push” reduce his life, and for this reason is really improbable that he’s willing to sacrifice himself and so losing the possibility to become the Pirates’ King by dying.

In conclusion I think that there are only two possible options.

1. Luffy doesn’t want to lose, but he can’t win, so he just lands a King Kong Gun on Katakuri and then runs away, postponing the fight to another moment

2. It’ll be a fight like the Aokiji vs Akainu’s one, in the sense that it will last for a very long time, it will be devastating for both the characters and also for the environment and, in the end, there’ll be a loser who loses because of the excessive effort, so in this case Luffy will probably decide to take another road.

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5 One Piece Attack So Strong That Can Destroy An Island

In today’s list we will be seeing 5 techniques in One Piece that are able to destroy an entire island. There are more than just 5, these are just the 5 I like best.

  1. Burakku Hōru

Burakku Hōru also known as Black Hole Path or just Black Hole is Blackbeard’s attack by spreading his darkness over a large area, anything he desires will be sucked in. The desired objects or people sucked in will have to face a huge amount of gravity and get crushed, just like when showing off his abilities to Portgas D. Ace whilst sucking up the whole village of the Island of Banaro.

  1. Kaishin and Shima Yurashi

Two attacks used by Whitebeard, Kaishin’s literal meaning is Seaquake, with his hand he cracks the air sending shockwaves through the air creating earthquakes followed by tsunamis. It is quite devastating and easily destroys islands with it but not as much as Shima Yurashi literally meaning Island Shaking.

Using this attack, he kind of grabs the air surrounding him and pulls it like it was an object and rapidly shifts it. Shima Yurashi tilted the whole island of Marineford in different ways making building getting destroyed and a giant was thrown of his feet.

  1. Raigō

Raigō is one of Enel’s attack which he managed to destroy one of Skypeia’s islands. Using his powers combined with the Ark Maxim he creates a spherical cloud incorporated with lightning. It is a fearsome attack that can easily destroy islands.

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