Why did Blackbeard refuse to fight with Shanks during the Marineford arc?

Most of us believed that Blackbeard who was so anxious to destroy the Marineford. He fought Whitebeard, Garp, and Sengoku without a single doubt but when Shanks single-handedly challenged everyone including Blackbeard, He denied and considered not competing as a better option that means Shanks is even more significant deal than Whitebeard.

But actually, that’s not the real reason Blackbeard denied fighting with Shanks.

There is a concept of the appropriate opponent in the one piece world.

Remember how dominant God Enel was on the sky island. According to his abilities, he was stronger than Moriah and even Lucci

But Luffy defeated him when he was weak compared to when he fought Lucci.
Luffy was the most appropriate opponent of Enel, or perhaps it was the only Luffy at that time could have defeated Enel.

Blackbeard stated that when it comes to fighting, he wasn’t perfect and he has to endure a lot of pain. His physicality and body are unique, so he planned himself to make the strongest Devil fruit user by attaining the strong logia Devil Fruit Yami Yami no Mi.

Now after attaining Gura Gura no Mi, BB gained the most powerful destructive Devil Fruit, But the central power of Blackbeard is to Nullify all other Devil Fruits. So when it comes to Blackbeard if he touches someone that person can’t use his Devil Fruit power. Whereas Shanks is just opposite of him and he doesn’t have any Devil Fruit powers.

Blackbeard being the strongest Devil Fruit user and Shanks being the strongest Haki user. Shanks was the only one who could have stopped Blackbeard at Marineford.

Now, Blackbeard knew this, and he wasn’t stupid. That’s why BB refused to fight with Shanks also he had zero to attain from fighting Shanks.


The world of One Piece had a large number of Pirate Crews sailing on the seas. Some of these Pirate crews are exceptionally strong.

So, I’ve made a list of the ten strongest Pirate Crews in One Piece.

10. Heart Pirates

Trafalgar Law showed that he is a powerful fighter in defeating Smoker. His crew power is questionable, as we haven’t seen their crew fighting a lot.
All crewmembers were strong enough to withstand a blast of Haki from Rayleigh, though Shachi said that he almost passed out, which may show he is slightly less powerful.

9. Kid Pirates

With two Supernovas, Kidd and Killer, being on this crew, they are seemingly the third strongest crew with a Supernova.

They are most known for dealing significant destruction and civilian disasters along their way through the Grand Line and towards the New World. Besides, the entire crew survived the blast of Haki released by Rayleigh, a testament to their overall strength.

8. Strawhat Pirates

The Straw Hat Pirates, mainly identified as the Straw Hat Crew, is a pirate crew that began from the East Blue but have various members from different areas.
The Straw Hats currently consist of nine members whose combined bounties equal Beli 1,570,000,100.
As a result of Luffy’s decision in who joins the crew, the Straw Hats are renowned for being one of the most diverse, if not bizarre, pirate crews in the One Piece world.

7. Fallen Monk Pirates


The Fallen Monk Pirates crew is an infamous and notorious rookie pirate crew who were first seen on Sabaody Archipelago about the time the Straw Hat Pirates appeared there two years ago.

The crew tried to invade Big Mom’s territory. Urouge took down one of their Sweet Commanders, Snack, and succeeded to escape Totto Land despite the united forces of Big Mom’s storm and Cracker’s fleet.
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