Avalo Pizarro, as known as “The Corrupt King”, is one of the criminals who was given a life sentence in the 6th level of Impel Down, as his crimes were so atrocious that he deserved to be definitely erased from history; he has been freed by Marshall D. Teach and, as a sign of thankfulness, he became a member of the Blackbeard Pirates.

If you look at Avalo’s aesthetic features, you will find out that he shows some similarities with the Yonko Kaido, such as, for example, the horns and the long hair; in addition, we know that Pizarro used to enjoy some privileges in Impel Down, but we still don’t know why.

At this point a particular question comes up to my mind: what if he wasn’t imprisoned in Impel Down in order to be punished, but, on the contrary, to be protected from an external threat?

Let me introduce you my theory: I think that Avalo was one of Kaido’s 3 commanders, called the “Calamities”; in particular, the Calamities are supposed to be ranked following playing cards ranks, so the Jack (Jack “The Drought”), the Queen (still unknown) and the King (Avalo Pizarro “The Corrupt King”), so that Pizarro could possibly be even the strongest one.

But where does the nickname “King” come from?

Well, I believe that Avalo was a member of the Shichibukai; a lot of them are used (or used in the past) to own a proper land, such as, for example, Crocodile with Alabasta, Doflamingo with Dressrosa and Boa Hancock with Amazon Lily, so that maybe he possessed his own land too and there he was the king. On the other hand, “Corrupt” probably comes from the fact that, as a king, he did something wicked to his people.

Furthermore, we know that Pizarro was also supposed to lead a slave trade before Doflamingo; because of this fact, I’m convinced that he betrayed Kaido trying to sell the Beast Pirates’ members as slaves, since they are a very rare horned-race; we know that Kaido isn’t someone who can be betrayed without expecting a violent reaction from him, so it’s possible that Avalo fought against Kaido, he (obviously) has been defeated but anyway he achieved running away. His wounds were so serious that he let himself be captured by the World Government, which decided to imprison him in order to give him protection, probably in exchange for some information about his previous captain.

Kaido didn’t accept Avalo’s surrender and he also didn’t accept the fact that he was still alive; Kaido wanted to punish him for his betrayal by killing him, and this could be the reason why the Yonko made himself capturing countless times: he hoped to be imprisoned together with Avalo, so that he could take his revenge.

Now it has become a problem, since Blackbeard is the Yono who took Whitebeard’s place and, for this reason, attacking and killing a Yonko’s crew member would mean triggering a useless war; maybe he’s just waiting for the moment in which the two Yonko will openly fight for some other reason.