One Punch Man Chapter 96 Release Date And Spoilers

The release date of the most anticipated One Punch Man Chapter 96 has finally confirmed. It was previously assumed that the OPM Chapter 96 would come at the edge of this month. Artist for the manga series Yusuke Murata verified over on Twitter that One Punch Man Manga chapter 96 would be issued on 21st September.

One Punch Man Chapter 95 Short Summary

One Punch Man Chapter 96 Release Date

In the previous chapter, we saw the S-Class Heroes begin making their move through the Monster Association’s large base, and they’re expecting the following chapter of the manga series will be packed with as usually incredible actions as the One Punch Man is identified for.

I think that One Punch Man Chapter 96 will be centered on S-class Hero Flashy Flash and his fight. We are not certain if we could see our favorite Hero Caped Baldy or King in this chapter, though everyone is really excited to get more of Fellfire Flame and Gale Wind. I think that we could notice something exciting going on with Saitama in some chapters.

One Punch Man manga has become identified for its extensive 100-page chapters. However, there’s no guarantee the following chapter will be that extensive.

One Punch Man Synopsis:

The series tracks the story of an ordinary hero named Saitama who survives to win all of his matches with only one punch. This finishes up being the cause of a lot of disappointment as he no longer tastes the excitement and adrenaline he once felt in a fight. After all, what’s so great about having the unbelievable strength?

The manga adaptation of OPM is drawn by Yusuke Murata and written by ONE. While usually following the plot points set in the original webcomic, the manga includes artwork of greater quality, different arcs, redrawn situations and bonus content added by ONE’s decision.

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