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One Piece Manga Chapter 895 Spoilers

One Piece Manga Chapter 895 Spoilers
One Piece Manga Chapter 895

Hey guys. All of us have been waiting to get our hands on the spoilers for the latest chapter of One Piece, and now we have finally got our hands on the Spoilers. The spoilers are rather amazing as we all had expected. Picking up from the chapter from last week, One Piece continued to drive towards the conclusion of Luffy’s fight against the strongest Sweet Commander, Charlotte Katakuri.

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One Piece Manga Chapter 895 Spoilers

The title of the next chapter is Pirate Luffy VS Commander Katakuri.
The spoilers are down below.
Chapter 895: Pirate Luffy VS Commander Katakuri.

Katakuri comments that Luffy looks a little different in his Snakeman form, and yeah he’s a bit slimmer than normal Gear 4 And Luffy’s like

“Yeah, I’m much faster than before!” Katakuri who can’t figure out how Luffy is able to hit him despite his dodging. It’s because Luffy’s using his new ability to bend his arms like a snake at different angles. This is called “Python”.

Katakuri tries to move, but Luffy is able to even speed up his stretching. And he hits Katakuri with a “Jet Culverin”. Katakuri turns his arm into a spiked mace and hits Luffy hard –this is “Zangiri Mochi” or “Cutting short mochi” Though the kanji is kinda like “slicing mochi”.

They’re trading blows for a while, and Luffy hits Katakuri with “Black Mamba. It’s basically a high speed gatling.

“I’ll make this easy and end it, straw hat!”

“No thanks!! Gum-gum…”

At this point they’re both breathing hard, Clearly out of it. both of their attacks hit hard “Zangiri Mochi” and “King Cobra”. There’s a huge explosion, but the victor isn’t clear.

One Piece is on break next week.
Source- Yonkou Productions

This is going to be some chapter. I mean the conclusion of this arc is getting better and better with each passing chapter.

Luffy and Katakuri’s fight will be coming to an end as well. It is about time that we will know where Luffy stands among the elite Pirates. If he wins, then his bounty will shoot up and with his new power, he can be a nuisance even got Kaidou or any other Yonkou. I still believe that it is too early for Luffy to beat the strongest commander of a Yonkou or any commander in fact. So, I’ll go with Katakuri winning the battle and Luffy losing the duel.
That’s it from me.


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