‘One Piece’ Wano Arc Director Revealed

One Piece is going to start the adaptation of Wano country arc from the start of July. While there is still more than a month left for this to happen, One Piece has announced who will take over the reins of direction in this upcoming arc. The new director of One Piece is none other than Tatsuya Nagamine. Tatsuya Nagamine is the director of the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly and also has directed the movie One Piece Film Z.

So, it is exciting news for One Piece fans for sure. Dragon Ball Super Broly was a major success and the most successful movie in the history of Dragon Balls. This has not sat well with the Dragon Balls fans as they wanted Tatsuya Nagamine to continue working with this franchise but One Piece fans are ecstatic to get this news of Tatsuya Nagamine directing the anime from the start of Wano country arc.

It is safe to say that One Piece is planning to make Wano the most memorable arc of the series thus far. Oda has already said that Wano war will surpass the Marineford war by far so we all should expect some thrilling action from the start of July. I’m eagerly waiting to see the animated form of various new characters that have already been introduced in the manga.

These are characters like Queen Disaster and King Disaster. Also, Kaido’s dragon form will also get animated which is more exciting news for the fans of One Piece. In Wano country arc Oda is delivering one awesome chapter after another.

new One Piece anime director

Some chapters are emotionally awesome some are action wise awesome and some have just great story. Just being alive while Wano arc is being released has made One Piece fans like me just so full of joy and happiness.

Yasu’s emotional death in the last chapter is still within our hearts. Kinemon and others will make sure now that they make good use of Yasu’s sacrifice. Trafalgar D Law is looking for a way to save his crew and whether or not he will be successful remains to be seen. Big Mom has arrived at Udon which could mean she could soon come face to face with Queen the Plague.

Monkey D Luffy is looking to master another useful technique of Armament Haki how long it will take him to master it, just Oda knows. Do tell us in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on Tatsuya Nagamine being named as the director of One Piece anime from the start of Wano country arc.

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