One Piece Stampede Thailand Release Date Announced


One Piece will be celebrating its twentieth anniversary with a movie. The movie was announced last year on the twentieth anniversary of the manga. The teaser of the movie was released a couple of months ago, and it looks completely awesome.

The detail that has made fans eager to await the release of this movie is that the villain of this movie known as Douglas Bullet is a former member of the legendary Roger Pirates. The movie is set to release in Japan on 09 August 2019. Also, the release date has been confirmed for the Thailand release as well, and it will be released in Thailand on 19 September 2019.

The movie’s story is based after the Whole Cake Island arc and before the start of the Reverie arc. This means that all the bounties will be the latest ones only which are just great. In the movie, we’ll see some big name and small pirates gathering on an island where the pirate festival is going to take place. The main focus and attraction of the festival are going to be a treasure left by Gol D Roger himself.

No, don’t get confused this isn’t the One Piece treasure but it will be some small treasure left the Roger. Characters like Trafalgar D Water Law Smoker, Tashigi and Buggy and his crew along with our of Strawhat Pirates will be shown in the movie.

One Piece Stampede Thailand Release

Apart from the know characters two new characters that all fans are excited to see are Douglas Bullet about which I already talked and Buena Festa.

While the voice actor of Douglas Bullet is still unknown, Buena Festa’s actor has been revealed, and it is going to be Yusuke Santamaria. Bueno Festa is the host and promoter of this pirate festival that will be known as “Pirate’s World Fair.” One Piece Stampede will be the first movie that we’ll get after the release of One Piece Film Gold which released back in 2016. Back in the early 2000s, we used to get One Piece movies regularly meaning one movie per year.

This trend continued till 2009, and after that, the breaks between the movies started to occur more frequently. Nonetheless, at last, after a couple of years break we’ll be getting a new One Piece movie at last. I’m too damn excited to see Monkey D Luffy going up against one of the crew members of Gol D Roger himself. We might get to see Luffy using his gear fourth Snakeman once again.

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