One Piece Reverie Arc’s Return Confirmed

One Piece’s Super Stage revealed some huge details. In this post, we will discuss one of them. From the title, you’d have figured out the focus of this post. Reverie arc started in 2018 after the end of Whole Cake Island. However, it was put on hold as they started with Wano arc. The fans were disappointed as the Reverie had a lot of great content. We got to see the Revolutionary Army and a few old characters. It was nice seeing them.

Reverie Arc's Return Confirmed

I know Wano that will be an excellent arc and it will have a lot of great fights. But, I wanted to see more of the other characters. One Piece has one massive array of characters. Many of us have characters that we’d like to see as often as possible. Reverie was the perfect chance to see a lot of other characters. But, the arc was put on hold and they picked up Wano instead.

However, we have got news that Reverie will be coming back in 2019. This bit of news was confirmed at the Jump Festa. Oda also said that a huge event would take place at Reverie. I’m already excited to see what this event will be. It could be possible that Oda might be talking about the abolishment of the Shichibukai system.

There are a lot of things that might be possible. But, all I can say rn is that it is going to be epic. The One Piece film is also coming out. The character designs will be done by Oda himself but, he won’t be involved with the story.

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