‘One Piece’ Reveals The End To Wano Arc Part 1

One Piece is going strong with its Wano arc, and some would agree that this is the best One Piece has ever been posting time skip. The story is getting better with each passing chapter, and for me, the final chapter to Wano Country act 1 was definitely mesmerizing.

One Piece Wano Country Act 1

I loved this week’s chapter a lot; even more than the previous ones where we saw Luffy fight Kaido, and Kaido’s introduction as a mighty Dragon. I know some of you may be baffled by this, but the reason why I liked this chapter a lot was that of its unpredictability.

Wano Country Act 1 Ends

We knew that Luffy would get beaten by Kaido, so while last week’s chapter was fantastic, it didn’t surprise me as much. This week, we got to see a lot of surprising stuff, and I have to say, Oda’s Wano Country Arc could be the best arc in the history of One Piece. I can’t believe that the arc has started off so well.

As the arc continued, we got to see Luffy knocking out several of Kaido’s men with his Conqueror’s Haki, and that certainly made a point. Luffy is a Conqueror, and he won’t end his dream of becoming Pirate King. Even if he’s a prisoner. Act 1 of Wano Country arc ended with Luffy being thrown into a cell and being introduced to Captain Kid. Kid is as ferocious as ever.

He managed to kill one of the members of the Beasts Pirates by just a fishbone. Luffy and Kid meet, and now the next part of the arc will be focused on the others trying to help them break free in my opinion. Law managed to escape, and Ashura Doji is there as well. I think these two men will lead the party that will try to save Luffy and Kid. We may even see Killer in the next chapter of One Piece.

I’m very excited for Wano Country Act 2. I don’t think that Act 2 will be the last. I think this arc will be divided into 4 acts, at least. In my opinion, the second act will end with Luffy and Kid allying, and the Big Mom Pirates arriving at Wano Country.

Unfortunately for us, One Piece is on a break this week, and will need return in Weekly Shounen Jump Issue 52. The official release date of the next chapter is November 26, 2018. Make sure you check out Otakukart regularly for all the latest updates on One Piece.

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