‘One Piece’ Reveals Douglas Bullet’s Paramecia Devil Fruit

Douglas Bullet is the main antagonist of the movie that will be coming out on 09 August 2019 One Piece Stampede. He is the former crew member of Pirate King Gol D Roger. In the recent issue, more details about this antagonist of One Piece Stampede were revealed. Among these details were Douglas Bullet’s history and his devil fruit ability which is Paramecia type. Regarding the past of this former Roger Pirate, he was firstly a member of the Marines.

Then for some reason, he left the Marines due to some differences and joined up with Gol D Roger and became his crewmate. His journey just didn’t stop there. After some time he was again captured by Marines and imprisoned in Impel Down prison. Now, somehow he is free again and will be taking part in the pirate festival whose host is Buena Festa.

This was all about his past. Now, talking about his devil fruit which is named Gasha Gasha no Mi. This devil fruit as I mentioned above is a Paramecia type of devil fruit. This devil fruit gives him the ability to combine things, mostly metal and make things like robots, submarines, etc. He can also make an impenetrable armor for himself and hide inside it while the armor protects him.


This ability of his is very similar to that of Eustass Captain Kid but Kid has the ability to manipulate magnetic forces which seems to me is a far more dangerous ability. Douglas Bullet can make these objects using mostly metal as the details have revealed. Some of the already known details are that he is the user of Conqueror’s Haki like Monkey D Luffy.

We could see that from the teaser trailer that was revealed months ago. I could already see how the battle between Monkey D Luffy and Douglas Bullet will unfold. It seems to me that Luffy will enter his gear fourth and start tearing apart the insanely large armor of Douglas Bullet and also his robots which Douglas Bullet can easily make using his abilities.

I think Luffy will have to go all out during this battle of Douglas Bullet vs Monkey D Luffy. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding the devil fruit of Douglas Bullet. I certainly am very interested in witnessing the full power of Gasha Gasha no Mi in One Piece Stampede. The movie releases on 09 August 2019.

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