One Piece Officially Reveals The 10th Strawhat

One Piece Databooks are big help to all the fans who are into the series. Oda is usually busy with the manga moving forward, so a lot of the stuff that we want to know is just left out. Thankfully, the Vivre Card databook sees to it that we get details on a lot of the things that we want to know. One of those has been surrounding Jinbe, and his status as a Strawhat. He left the Big Mom Pirates at Whole Cake Island and went with Luffy.

Jinbe 10th Strawhat

However, he then stayed there to help out his crew and stall Big Mom in order to let Luffy escape. We never really saw him as a Strawhat for long, but for those of you who are wonderful whether Jinbe is an official member of the Strawhat Pirates or not, the Databook has the answer for you.

One Piece: Jinbe the 10th Strawhat

According to the One Piece Databook, we know now that Jinbe is officially considered the 10th member of the Strawhat Pirates. He joined the crew at Whole Cake Island. There no way that anyone can deny the fact that Jinbe is one of the Strawhats, now that Oda himself has revealed him as one of them. We also found out his bounty. According to the Vivre Card databook, Jinbe has an impressive bounty of 438 Million Berries.

Previously, we only knew that Jinbe had a bounty of over 400 million berries. Now, we know the exact figure. We also found out that Jinbe has the second-highest bounty in the Strawha crew. His bounty being 438 million berries puts him right behind Luffy. Following him is Sanji, who has a bounty of 330 Million Berries, and then comes Roronoa Zoro with a bounty of 320 Million Berries. It looks like the Strawhat Pirates are going to be even more powerful as they get closer to their dreams, and Jinbe will definitely be at the helm guiding them all to their goals from here on out.

Are you excited to see Jinbe officially being revealed as one of the Strawhat Pirates? Also, what do you think about his bounty? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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