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One Piece Manga Hints at CP0 Great War In Wano

Cp0 War Wano

While the final stages of the Wano raid approach, the recent chapters of the manga hit us with yet another One Piece Manga War. We have seen the CP0 agents keeping tabs on the situation, running analysis, and reporting back. But now, the final piece of the puzzle is complete as One Piece Chapter 1028 reveals what the CP0 has been planning all along.

The fight between Luffy and Kaidou is at its end as each of them is prepared to finally settle the score. Meanwhile, Momonosuke and Yamato plan to limit the possible damage should Onigashima come crashing to the ground. But the biggest reveal of the chapter is what is currently happening in the guestroom inside the castle.

Just when the Wano raid reaches climax, the manga adds yet another interesting development that will see this raid going into the next level. From the beginning, the odds that the Marines or the world government would interfere in the raid were slim. Being outnumbered and occupied with the Shischibukai meant that the Marines would not have enough manpower to go after both Kaidou and the Shishibukai.

But bit by bit, the developments towards the impending One Piece Manga War finally connected. Earlier before the raid could start, we managed to see Orochi speaking to CP0 agents, telling them to bring Vegapunk as he had unwavering support from Kaidou back then. Now on what seems like a twist of fate, Orochi is abandoned while the CP0 looks for a way to collect the spoils of war as soon as the Samurai and Kaidou take each other out. At this point, the CP0 calculates that it will be very difficult for Kaidou to fall. But in the case that this happens, the world government plans to have the CP0 agents take over Wano and have it under their rule.

One Piece Manga War: One Piece Chapter 1028

This is coming as an unexpected turn of events. Throughout the series, we knew that Wano was under Kaidou’s protection, and that is why the world government and the marines did not want to interfere. The marines wanted to interfere at some point with admiral Kizaru being as optimistic as trying to take on Kaidou himself. But Akainu pointed out that they do not possess the strength to do so. As a result, they had to wait. But as things unfolded, they got occupied with their former Shishibukai hunt, which left them without as much manpower.

One Piece

One Piece

The earliest possible interference from the world government or the marines that we saw in the Wano raid was when X Drake revealed that he is part of SWORD, a secret organization within the marines. Then it went on to the CP0 agents, who were calmly analyzing the raid’s progress. The final stages have finally arrived, and Kaidou’s side continues to lose in numbers. Almost all of Kaidou’s men are taken out with only King and Queen still standing. The Tobiropo has already fallen, so next, we will likely see the outcome of Queen and King vs. Sanji and Zoro’s battle.

So the outcome of the raid would don’t necessarily mean the end of the fighting. Things will likely get more difficult for the strawhats and the Samurai should they successfully defeat Kaidou and Big Mom. The CP0 agents have already hinted at what would happen should Kaidou and Big Mom lose. This means that the world government wouldn’t let this chance to finally put Wano under its control slip away. In One Piece Chater 1028, we saw a group of unidentified ships sailing around Wano’s waterfall and is only one step away from making it into Wano country.

CP0 Ready to Take Over Wano

The unidentified ships seem to be transporting a battle-ready group of CP0 agents, and it was also confirmed that Rob Lucci is amongst the group. So far, we know that they plan to capture Robin regardless of the outcome of this war. The world government predicts that Kaidou will win, but they are also ready for a take over should Kaidou and Big Mom lose to the strawhats and the Samurai. Usually, when the Strawhats travel to new locations in the new world, they always make the headlines, and the Marines are always on their trail. But this time, it looks like this will lead to another one of the One Piece Manga War.

One Piece

CP0 Agents

But this time, they have sent an elite CP0 team ready to make the best out of the Situation in Wano as soon as the outcome of the raid is determined. Right now, the Strawhats seem to be in battle-ready conditions, except for Zoro, who is currently under the effects of a drug that is bound to wear off at some point. So even if he makes it through to his fight with King, he probably won’t be able to handle another fight, especially if the effects of the medicine that’s keeping him in the fight wears off.

On the other hand, it looks like the recent chapters have been foreshadowing something big on the way. It was way too easy for most of the Strawhats to defeat the Tobiroppo. And now it is confirmed that they won’t be returning to the fight. So in cases where the CP0 agents start another war right after Kaidou and Big Mom’s defeat has been announced. Then this would be the most difficult situation they have ever faced. After Marineford, this will be the second large-scale One Piece Manga War they have been involved in.

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Wano Raid in Climax

It is only normal that the two sides currently involved in the Wano raid will be exhausted afterward. The world government plans to leave things as is in case Kaidou wins. But if he loses the this will mean that they intend to do a total take over after the two sides exhausted each other. In other words, this would mean the capture of both Kaidou and the Samurai’s side. The world government would not want to miss on a chance to capture a high bounty of pirates gathered in one place.

One Piece

One Piece

But it will also be interesting to see how the Strawhats and the Samurai will survive this one. At this point, the manga has focused mostly on the rooftop fight, which is rather strange. We have not seen that much from Big Mom’s side, and as one of the Yonkou’s, she is sure to give us one amazing battle. Currently, she faces Law and Kidd, whose life hangs by the thread thanks to Hawkins linking his straw powers to Kid’s life.

We will get to see the very best of every individual who would be involved in these fights, and so far, it has been the Strawhat’s show all along. In situations like this, Luffy usually has something up his sleeve. Some sort of powers of techniques we have not seen before. So if he is to defeat Kaidou, he has to do something extraordinary. However this goes, it will be an interesting spectacle to see as Luffy faces the most powerful enemy he has ever come across in his life.

The End of Wano’s Raid: The Start of Another One Piece Manga War

Kaidou’s powers seem to be weakening, and Luffy seems to still have a fight left in him, so we will be upon the end of the raid soon. Earlier in the raid, we were looking forward to how this will end. But since the introduction of the CP0 agents who are also after Robin’s life. We already know that a big fight awaits the Strawhats at the end. We have very powerful individuals like Jinbei who have barely used their strength in this raid.

Cp0 War Wano

One Piece

Then we also have the likes of Sanji, who seems to have acquired an indestructible body. On the other hand, Black Beard has predicted a situation like this. He noticed that the world government was out to take over the world. So the last time we saw him, he wanted to go take over the world for himself. There are also other possibilities like the Strawhat Grand fleet, which keeps Luffy’s Vivre card with them. This will probably make this the best One Piece Manga War we have ever had so far.

Luffy has faced several defeats from Kaidou, and it’s possible that an unusual behavior might be coming off of his Vivre card. So it will not be amazing if, in the end, we see that not only did the CP0 agents show up, but we would also have presents from more Pirates, especially the Strawhat grand fleet because the Strawhats could do with that kind of help in this situation.

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