One Piece Fans Still Can’t Believe Oden Is Really Back!

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One Piece
Oden and Whitebeard.

Oden is alive? well, yes, Kozuki Oden is alive as difficult as it is to understand. But that doesn’t come off as easy to accept because the manga can take a twist at any moment. But for now, let’s take a look at one of the recent developments from which fans are still looking forward to getting updates. When it was finally revealed in One Piece 1006 that the man behind the Silhouette was Oden, this shook the entire fan base and looked like maybe it was a prank. Then we expected that the chapter to follow would be like ‘Oops, joke’s on you.”

But with each new chapter, this seems to be happening. But it looks like the fan base is still reluctant to accept this and has come up with various theories. In infact, I’ve never come across someone who fully accepts this and just lets it be. Everyone is expecting some sort of turnaround. So that later on this might be explained, then we got to know the real truth.

Well, this is because the extent to which Oden could have survived the Legendary Hour Ordeal is almost impossible. And we also know that even if he survived, it was likely that Kaidou, Orochi, and his men would likely kill him either way. But since this is coming from the manga creator himself, we just have to wait to see what he is trying to get up to here. Hopefully, the next chapter will focus on this event and clear everything up before transitioning to a different fight.

But knowing how things usually go, this is likely to happen, which means that this might be left for later, just like what happened with Kaidou’s Hybrid form. The spoilers will release soon; hopefully, they’ll have something useful on that end.

How Is Oden Still Alive? Is It Really Him?

I’m sure that is one question that every One Piece fan asks themselves over and over again while waiting for a possible revelation from the manga. The spoilers might release any moment now, so we will get a hint of what the next chapter is about. One Piece Chapter 1008 will release over the next weekend as the manga goes on a break for this week. For official sources, refer to the VIZ Media and Manga Plus websites every time there is a new chapter.

The man who appeared before the scabbards looks exactly like Oden, who he introduced himself as. The scabbards were shocked in the same manner as we are. He told them that he misses them and had wanted to see them for a long time. That is all we have got from this scene so far. And all of us are dying to have this mystery of how Oden is alive solved first. But in the last chapter, we got to see how Chopper defeated Queen’s virus and saved Hyogoro and the rest of the beast pirates that were affected.

One Piece Episode 960
Kozuki Oden

Then he went to join the fight transforming into his monster form. If the manga is to build up from where it left off, then we might not get to see Oden’s scene for a while. Either way, we will see how all this comes to be if Oden is really alive or if there is some trick to it. There are many fan theories surrounding this, and the fact that Oden is really alive is not iron-clad, which means that there are some suspicions about this.

Oden Appearance Before The Scabbards

Oden’s appearance and the fact that he is still alive seem to have some loopholes to it. And most fans are creating a lot of theories surrounding that. Well, at least most of them are plausible, but the manga will be the one to reveal what is happening here ultimately. One would wonder why would such a thing happen at the moment because this would have a great impact on the ongoing war and might lead to a lot of unexpected events.

CP0 has already revealed that the future might be completely unpredictable if the alliance wins this war. We also got to know that it won’t end as the alliance would still have to deal with the executives. CP0 revealed the executives to be so powerful that they can easily defeat the alliance, which means that even though the Wano arc has been going for a while. There is still a lot of content, and we might not tell the direction things might go. We had just witnessed this when Oden appeared, and even though it appeared to be really him, we still can’t believe it.

Nonetheless, Oden will greatly influence this fight if it turns out that it is really him. We don’t know if he can still fight, but he appeared in the same way he did 20 years ago. And he also doesn’t look like someone who has been boiled for one hour in hot oil. He also doesn’t look like someone who has aged 20 years from the last time we saw him. But since he is wearing a long Kimono, maybe it is to hide the damage he received from the Legendary hour. The only explanation that could suffice his youthful form would be Toki’s powers.

Oden Influence in the Onigashima Raid

Maybe because everything started with Oden, maybe they will also end in the same manner. This war started to avenge Oden and expel Orochi and the beast pirates from Wano country. This would mean that Momonosuke, who is the rightful heir to the Shogun throne, will be taking over if everything goes according to the alliance’s plans. So all of this happened because Oden was executed and was robbed of his country. What happened afterward was just Orochi making sure that there won’t be any rebellion in the country, and the perfect way would be to kill all the Kozuki’s and their related bloodlines.

This started by executing Oden, but Momonosuke and the rest of the scabbard lived in hiding. With the rumors of the ghosts from Kozuki and the scabbard looming. Orochi lived in fear of the day that a rebellion would happen. Toki is believed to have died in Oden’s castle, and not much is revealed about Oden’s death at this time except that he was executed in the Legendary Hour.

One Piece
Oden Kozuki and Whitebeard

We also haven’t seen his grave, so what happened to his body still remains a mystery; the same applies to Toki, so she likely burned to ashes together with Oden’s castle. Well, we could talk all day about different theories about how Oden is still and might not still cover every possible idea. But the main thing to do is how we have handled unbelievable events like this one in the past. We just got to be patient with it while more chapters come out.

So once the manga gets back to this issue, we won’t know for sure how Oden managed to pull off a miracle like this one. And what this would mean about Wano’s past and future. Hopefully, we will get to find out more on this sooner than later. And when the manga returns from a break next week, then it will be business as usual, and things will get busy once again. Whichever even comes next will be interesting to take a look at. Be it on Chopper and Marco’s side or if we would get more content on Oden’s scenes. But if Oden’s scene gets more updates, then it could be one of the best weeks in the manga.

Even though what we are expecting is not more action but clarity, this would mean a lot for the fan base, just in the same manner that we got to know about Kaidou’s past and how he was a lab rat for the Marine and Vegapunk. You connect the dots, then you end up talking about Momonosuke and his devil fruit powers. So one event can literally develop a chain of a lot of events in the same manner. So in Oden’s issue, we might end up questioning more about Toki and if she might have used her powers to escape the burning Oden’s castle 20 years ago.

Well, I guess this is as far as we go today; hopefully, next week’s chapter will be an interesting one. In the meantime, let’s wait for the spoilers and see what they will bring with them when they release.

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