One Piece Episodes 857, 858, 859, And 860 Spoilers

The Straw Hat’s escape is still ongoing in One Piece. The Big Mom Pirates are still dealing up with the problem that the Straw Hats brought to them in Whole Cake Island. Here are the spoilers for One Piece episodes 857, 858, 859, and 860.

One Piece Episode 857 – Luffy Fights Back! The Invincible Katakuri’s Weak Point!

Luffy will finally discover how Katakuri is using his ability. It turns out that Katakuri is using his Color of Observation to see the future attack and change his body’s form to avoid the attack. Luffy’s attack is not phasing out, but Katakuri is able to change form to avoid the attack. Using Gear Fourth Bounce Man, Luffy will be able to land some blows to Katakuri. But will he be able to keep up his assault? Meanwhile, Oven arrived in Chocolat Island to see Pound trying to see Chiffon inside the kitchen.

One Piece Episode 858 – Crisis Again! Gear 4 vs. Muso Donuts 

Katakuri will reveal that his weakness was due to his lack of focus because he was angered. Now that he was calm again, he will not let the same mistake repeat itself. Using his Muso Donuts, even Luffy’s Gear Fourth cannot keep up with the Sweet Commander’s attacks. With Luffy’s time limit, he tried to get away from Katakuri using Brulee who happened to be on his way. However, Luffy and Brulee will be landing in Nuts Island, where Big Mom is currently destroying everything.

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One Piece Episode 859 – Rebellious Daughter – Sanji ‘s Cake Transport Operation 

Sanji, Chiffon, and Pudding managed to finish the cake without the decoration. They plan to decorate it on the way inside the ship, but Oven will demand that Chiffon needs to stay because she’s a traitor. Sanji will save Chiffon while using Pound as cover to his identity. Oven was still pursuing Chiffon when Bege arrived in Chocolat Island. Oven will make Chiffon a hostage so Bege will surrender.

One Piece Episode 860 – Man’s Way of Life – Pez and Captain Luffy’s Decision (887)

Bege will shot Oven, declaring to Pez that this is how he lives his life. Sanji will kick the cake in the air and will successfully land it into Bege’s ship. The chefs and Bege’s crew will set sail, but Oven will not let them. Meanwhile, Luffy is determined as ever to defeat Katakuri.

And that’s it for One Piece episode 857, 858, 859, and 860. Stay tuned for more One Piece spoilers and updates.

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