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One-Piece will be focusing on The King of Prates is Born Arriving at the Last Island. Oden has just recently become a crew member of the Roger Pirates. They travel along the Grand Line to the last island, know as the Sky Island. They find the Shandora’s gran belfry, and Roger left his message written by Oden on the Ponegliff. Later they met with Tom, who fixes their ship, and Oden met with a boy who doesn’t wear pants. Tom reveals that he is still designing the Sea Train.

After the ship is repaired, they head to Fish-Man Island. Roger heard a message that the ruler will be born. King Neptune welcomes them to his kingdom. He was surprised that Oden could read the Ponegliff. Roger asks Neptune if he has the weapon to control the Sea Kings. Neptune reveals that a mermaid who can talk to the Sea King is born once every few centuries in this country. He thinks that maybe that mermaid can do the job. Roger asks if Neptune’s daughter will become the weapon that will destroy the world someday.

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Oden comments that he never thought that Poseidon was a mermaid. Roger asks Sharley when will the mermaid princess be born. Sharley reveals that the princes will be born after 10 years from now. Later, Roger set on a journey with his crew and enjoy singing and drinking. They are looking for the Road Ponegliff that details the location of the last island. They decided to head to the Land of The Wano. On their way to the Land of Wano, Toki collapsed, and Shanks inform Oden.

Pirates Ship

One Piece
One Piece

The ship doctor told Oden that Toki has been following him traveling the world. But her original goal was the Land of Wano. As the Land of Wano draws nearer, Toki lost some steam, and the fatigue of a long journey has hit her. Oden asks if Toki can continue traveling, and the doctor reveals that if she continues, she could die. He advises Oden that they have to let Toki rest at the Land of Wano and end her journey. Dogstorm comments that Oden must leave Momonosuke and Hiyori at the Land of Wano with Toki.

He also said that Kin’emon and the other would be getting a chance to know Toki and the kids well. Dogstorm said that he would protect Toki and the kids with the help of Cat Viper. Oden wanted to stay with Toki at the Land of Wano, and she persuades him to go. The next day at Kuri, Land of Wano Raizo reports that the ship is coming from the outside world. Raizo reveals that it is a pirate ship ad Kine’mon realizes that it could be Oden. Kanjuro notices that the pirate ship looks different from Whitebeard’s ship.

He thinks that they must fight since it is a pirate ship. Surprisingly they saw Oden stepping out of the pirates’ ship, carrying two kids. Raizo, Kin’emon, and the others head toward Oden. They fall on their knees and comments that it has long since he left. Kine’mon comments that Oden has not changed ever since he has left. Oden reveals that this is his wife and his kids. The crew comments that something has changed. And Toki introduces herself and the kids to Kin’emon and the others.

The King of Pirates

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One Piece

Kin’emon realizes that Momonosuke is the boy on whose shoulder the future of the Kozuki Clan rests. He comments that Momonosuke is an intelligent boy. Oden notices that they are wearing a weird outfit and asks them what is wrong with their outfits. Kin’emon reveals that they have been waiting for Oden to return and tried their best to take care of Kuri. Oden reveals that he is heading back and he will be away for a while. Kin’emon realizes that Oden has just brought Toki and the kids.

Oden set sail with the Roger Pirates, and Kin’emon and others can’t believe that he is leaving again. Oden notices that something about the Land of Wano has changed. But he couldn’t turn his back and look back. He realizes that he will never set sail if he looks back since he loves everyone in the Land of Wano. Later, Orochi visited the old hag who can see the future. He reveals that Oden is married and he has two kids. The old hag reveals that Oden’s kids threaten Orochi even if Oden is not around.

Orochi realizes that Momonosuke is Kozuki’s heir. Later Oden and Roger find the last Road Ponegliff. Oden reads out, and they decided to head to the last island. On their way, Buggy gets sick, and they leave him at a nearby island with Shanks. After few weeks, the news spread that Roger Prates has conquered the sea. The villager comments that Roger is the King of the sea, the King of the Pirates. Whitebeard reads the newspaper, and he was happy that his rivalry had become the King of Pirates.

One Piece Episode 969 Release Date

One Piece Episode 969 will release on Sunday, 11 April 2021, at 9:30 AM. You will be able to watch One Piece online on  CrunchyrollFunimation, and Netflix. Let’s move to preview and the updates of the upcoming updates below.

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