One Piece Episode 865 Preview, Release Date, And Updates

One Piece Episode 865 is just around the corner now, and I’m very excited for the upcoming episode because from here on out, we will be focusing on the Luffy vs Katakuri fight mainly. Of course, the last few episodes also gave us glimpses of Luffy vs Katakuri, but we also switched back and forth between the Sunny, and even Bege’s ship.

One Piece episode 865 1

The next few episodes are going to wrap up Luffy vs Katakuri for good, and so we’ll be focusing a lot on Luffy’s development of Future Sight Haki, but of course, Katakuri still dominating the fight. We’ll now be discussing One Piece Episode 865 spoilers. If you don’t want to read spoilers, I suggest that you stop reading the post here. However, if spoilers don’t bother you, we can gets started.

One Piece Episode 865 Updates

One Piece Episode 865 is going to give us a bit of an update on how Luffy vs Katakuri is going. The people at Whole Cake Chateau know that they’re fighting in the Mirror World. However, nobody wants to believe that Katakuri would lose this fight. Meanwhile, Luffy and Katakuri are going at it in the Mirror World and Katakuri feels as if something is wrong with Luffy. As expected, Luffy is attempting to react to Katakuri seeing the future.

Katakuri suspects that Luffy is trying to do the same thing as him, and he tries to put Luffy to sleep. However, he also realizes that Luffy has potential, and this is where things actually get interesting. Katakuri said that he won’t underestimate Luffy, but he clearly didn’t see him as an equal.

Now things start to change, and this is where the story starts to pit Katakuri, the man who has never fallen on his back, again Luffy, the man who falls down countless times yet keeps getting back up. We will also see a new character introduction of Charlotte Flampe in the upcoming episode of One Piece, and I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of her.

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