One Piece Episode 865 – Luffy’s Strategy To Beat Katakuri

In the previous episode of One Piece, Big Mom was electrocuted by Zeus by Brook and Nami’s schemes. Because of this, Nami and the others are able to escape Big Mom’s rampage long enough to steer away from danger. Meanwhile, Luffy is having another beatdown with Katakuri in the Mirror World. Will he be able to finally catch Katakuri off-guard in One Piece episode 865?

The episode will start with Stussy telling Tamago and the others that the Tamatebako is the one responsible for the destruction of Big Mom’s castle. Meanwhile, in the Mirror World, another character will be introduced. Her name is Charlotte Flampe, and she will be the one affecting the battle between Katakuri and Luffy. It seems like she’s been trying to launch a sneak attack that will put Luffy in a disadvantage against Katakuri.

One Piece episode 865 1

Even though Luffy tries his best to dodge Katakuri’s attacks, he can only dodge some and is still beaten by Katakuri’s Mochi attacks. When Luffy tried to stand up, Katakuri put him down again. When Luffy is trying to attack with his left fist, his left shoulder was stopped. That is the same with his right shoulder. He will let out a war cry before Katakuri punched him with his large hands. However, before Luffy was hit, he sent out an almost unconscious¬†counterattack with another giant punch.

It turns out that Luffy is seeing a glimpse of the future too, remembering all the training he had with Rayleigh back then. Luffy’s color of observation has been improving ever since he fought Katakuri. Meanwhile, on Bege’s ship, the cake is finally finished. Those chefs who helped Sanji and the others cook it finally collapsed because of the aroma. Now that the cake is finished, all that they have to do is to deliver the cake to Big Mom. That’s it for One Piece episode 865. Stay tuned for more spoilers.

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