One Piece Episode 859 – Sanji Kicks Oven

In the last episode of One Piece, the reason why sea slugs are not sending any location is the doings of the Sun Pirates who enticed the slugs to have a day-off. Luffy, fortunately, managed to escape Katakuri; but his luck was shortlived as he found his way to Nuts Island, where Big Mom is currently wreaking havoc. Meanwhile, Sanji’s group managed to bake the fluffiest cake and the silkiest chocolate. How will they transport the cake and decorate it? We will find out in One Piece episode 859.

In this episode, Sanji’s group decided to decorate the cake in the ship to save time and to deliver it to Big Mom at the right time. Sanji wore a disguise while Pudding commands the people to make way for the cake. Oven will let Pudding pass, but not Chiffon, who he views as a traitor because of what Bege did. He attacked Chiffon then and there, which earned him the wrath of Pound who is about punch him.

Of course, Pound is not as strong as Sanji, he will never be able to damage Oven. But Sanji got a great idea: he will move in his greatest speed and attack Oven before Pound’s punch landed. Because of this, it will seem like Pound is the one who did the attack. Before anyone can react, Sanji will hide Chiffon in the cargo. Oven will eventually find her shortly, but his den den mushi will ring with the report that Capone Bege¬†will arrive at Chocolat Island.

What will happen to Chiffon? Will the transport of cake be interrupted by Oven and Bege’s battle? How will Sanji save the cake? One Piece episode 859 is making way to one of the saddest moments in the One Piece history. Hopefully, we can see a glimpse of that moment animated in the next episode.

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