One Piece Episode 854: Katakuri’s Mogura Power

Hey everyone! In this post, I’ll be talking about One Piece Episode 854 spoilers. Before I begin, I want to let you all know that this post contains a lot of spoilers. If you don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you stop reading the post here. However, if spoilers don’t bother you, we can get started. One Piece Episode 853 was easily one of the weakest episodes we’ve got in months.

There was nothing too special about it, and I was not a big fan of the way it was directed either. To be honest, this was expected. After 5-6 solid episodes, we’re bound to get a weak episode, and I expect much better from One Piece Episode 854. This week’s One Piece Episode will focus on the fight between Luffy and Katakuri yet again. As we know, Luffy won’t be able to scratch Katakuri. He is still figuring out a way to land a hit on Katakuri.

One Piece Episode 854

One Piece Episode 854 Spoilers

Katakuri’s Observation Haki is just too good for Luffy to be able to take him by surprise. His Devil Fruit power is better than Luffy’s, and of course, he is much smarter. At this point, Luffy appears to be out of options. He cannot run; neither can he figure out a way to fight Katakuri. It will still take him two more episodes to figure out how Katakuri avoids everything that he throws his way.

Luffy’s only option at this point seems to be Gear 4, and even then, he has to find an opening to defeat Charlotte Katakuri by taking him by surprise. We will see Katakuri use his weapon called Mogura in his week’s episode. We will also see his Devil Fruit awakening for the first time, and I’m very excited for what’s to come.

Where to Watch One Piece Episode 854?

There are some unofficial sites like KissAnime that allow you to watch One Piece. However, please support the official release by streaming the episode over Crunchyroll, or Funimation and help the anime industry. One Piece Episode 854 will air on 23 September 2018.

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