One Piece Episode 853 – The Straw Hats Escapes

One Piece Episode 853

Here comes another episode spoilers for One Piece and this time, we will be discussing One Piece episode 53. As Luffy fight against Katakuri, Jinbe and the rest of the Straw Hats are trying to get away against Big Mom’s chase. But faced with something as deadly as Big Mom’s power, what will Jinbe and the others do to survive? Meanwhile, Luffy vs. Katakuri continues with Katakuri getting the upper hand.

One Piece Episode 853 – Jinbe’s Time To Shine

Jinbe’s been pretty cool in the last episode, his speech that motivated the morale of people around him. In the next episode, he will have another moment by saving all of the crew members. However, this episode is expected to start with a call from the Mirror World.

Things are not really going well with Luffy in the Mirror World. Two of Big Mom’s children is trying to send fire arrows flying to the Sunny through the mirrors. Luffy will try to counter them, but Katakuri stood on his way. But the flying flame arrows is not the only problem that the crew needs to face. Behind them, Big Mom used her ability and created a gigantic wave that is big enough to remind them of Aqua Laguna.

But before the towering wave crashed them, Jinbe made a quick fix: go inside the Green Room. Brook and Chopper will be hopeless and thinks that the Green Room is actually “Heaven.” But Jinbe surprised them when he singlehandedly steered the ship and back and surfed the wave. He then declares that they’re in the Green Room or the short-lived space formed in great waves. In the end, Nami broke all the mirrors so that Luffy can focus on Katakuri.

One Piece episode 853

Luffy’s Strength Is Not Enough?

Meanwhile, in the Mirror Room, Luffy made a promise that he will meet his crew in the Cacao Island soon. However, Katakuri will not just let him fulfill the promise. Is Katakuri really so powerful that Luffy doesn’t have a chance to beat him? We will know if Luffy can progress in the next episodes.

One Piece episode 853 titled “The Green Room – An Invincible Helmsman, Jinbe” will be aired on September 15.

You cannot download One Piece episode 853 anywhere online. However, you can stream it on Crunchyroll and FUNimation.


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