One Piece Episode 852: Where To Stream it?

One Piece Episode 852 watch online

Hey everyone! In this post, I’ll be talking about One Piece Episode 852. The episode is just around the corner now, and it is time we discuss the events that’ll take place in tomorrow’s One Piece episode. Before we begin, I want to let you all know that this post contains a lot of spoilers. If you don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you stop reading the post here. But if spoilers don’t bother you, we can get started.

The One Piece anime is covering the final phase of the Whole Cake Island arc right now, and things are really interesting because Luffy is facing Katakuri in the Mirror World. He has been absolutely pummeled in the previous episode, and Katakuri made sure to give him a taste of a billion berries. Tomorrow’s episode is going to be the same, and Luffy will continue his fight against the Yonko Commander Katakuri.

One Piece Episode 852

We saw a test of speed vs. speed in the previous episode. Tomorrow, we’ll be seeing a test of power vs. power. Katakuri will absolutely dominate Luffy in that department as well, and Luffy will be in deep trouble. Over at the Strawhat’s end, Big Mom and her fleet are closing in on them, and they will soon launch an attack. The Strawhat Pirates will try their best to avoid getting hit, and even more importantly, they will have to run as far away from Charlotte Linlin herself.

Last week’s episode of One Piece was really interesting, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll get a similar episode, and I have high expectations for it, because Katakuri vs. Luffy has officially begun now, and they don’t want to mess this up. I’m really excited to see the second round of Luffy vs. Katakuri tomorrow, but I must tell you, it won’t end well for Luffy in tomorrow’s episode as well.

Where to Watch One Piece Episode 852?

One Piece Episode 852 is titled “A Hard Battle Begins! Luffy vs. Katakuri!”. There are some unofficial sites like KissAnime, gogoanime, and 9anime that allow you to watch One Piece. However, please support the official release by streaming the episode over Crunchyroll, or Funimation and help the anime industry. One Piece Episode 852 will air on 2 September 2018.

You cannot download One Piece Episode 852 anywhere online.


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