One Piece Episode 1014 Release Date: Marco’s Tears! The Bond Of The Whitebeard Pirates

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Marco the Phoenix

One Piece is breaking all the pre-existing records of many shonen in terms of the most hyped storyline and animations ever since the Wano arc has kicked off. This arc is undoubtedly the best arc of the One Piece series. Even though this arc is still in continuation, it featured tons of emotions, legendary characters, jaw-dropping battle scenes, and a bundle of mysteries. It seems that Oda finally planned to play his trump card in this arc itself. One Piece is entertaining its fans since 1997 but now, it becomes the best thing of Sunday for most One Piece fans. Recently, One Piece anime featured a lot of things in the past few episodes and going to reveal a major chunk of information in the episodes in the pipeline. In this article, we will talk about episode 1014 of One Piece and see what we will get to see in this episode.

One Piece is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The anime revolves around the major protagonist Luffy who dreamed to become the king of pirates someday. Gol D. Roger, the legendary pirate announced at the time of his execution that, whoever finds that great treasure called One Piece will be proclaimed the King of Pirates. There are tons of characters in this anime with their own reasons for existence and back story. This is not just an anime but the journey on a cruise with Strawhats.

One Piece Episode 1013 Recap:

In episode 1013 of One Piece, we saw a flashback of Ace and Yamato when they met for the first time in Wano-Kuni. Ace arrived at Wano to take Kaidou down but he ended up meeting with his daughter Yamato. Yamato attacked Ace as soon as she saw him and eventually they both started to enjoy the fight. When they took a rest while fighting, Yamato explained to Ace about her hatred toward her father Kaidou. Ace motivated Yamato and asked her to do what she wants rather than what her father wants to do. Ace told her about his father Gol D. Roger and how he molested in the past in his father’s name.

One Piece Episode 1014 Preview & Release Date : "Marco's Tears! The Bond Of The Whitebeard Pirates"
Ace and Yamato

Ace told Yamato about the world outside Wano-Kuni and they had a good time together. In the end, Ace also talked about his brother Luffy and told Yamato that, he will become the strongest pirate in the world someday. Later, Ace departed from Wano-Kuni without meeting his Kaidou and this is how the last episode of One Piece went. Even though the Ace is not alive anymore but his ideologies and thoughts will always revolve around each and every character whom he met in his life.

One Piece Episode 1014 Release Date:

One Piece Episode 1014 is titled, ” Marco’s Tears! The Bond Of The Whitebeard Pirates”. The next episode is surely going to revolve around Marco, the phoenix, the commander of the first division at Whitebeard Pirates. In the preview of the episode, we saw multiple events but Marco remained in the center of the frame.

The preview starts with King and Queen in battle-ready position while Marco is all set to take Zoro on the rooftop. It seems that Yamato finally gets some kind of diary and probably it is the secret diary of Oden which might play an important role in upcoming episodes. Episode 1014 of One Piece is scheduled to release on Sunday, April 17th, 2022 on various Japanese TV channels and anime streaming platforms like Crunchyroll.

One Piece Episode 1014 : "Marco's Tears! The Bond Of The Whitebeard Pirates" Preview & Release Date
Marco the Phoenix

In the final frames, we saw Marco again memorizing his past maybe. Then frame shifted to the past and we saw Blackbeard on Whitebeard’s ship with other commanders. We also saw Ace lying flat on the ship floor and thinking something. He might be cursing himself for not being able to save Thatch from Blackbeard. In the end, the Queen fires plague rounds from his arsenal and it seems that the great battle has begun. Episode 1014 will revolve around Marco’s memory before the great war and his good times with his crew. Marco has lost most of his crewmates, including his captain, friends, and countless pirate brothers. The next chapter can make you feel nostalgia and can make you shed some tears so don’t forget to keep extra tissues with you.

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