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One Piece Chapter Schedule For July 2021 and Manga Break

One Piece

With One Piece Manga recently returned from Oda Break around June, it will take a long for another break. The Manga will continue as usual and take a break after every three chapters. However, in the upcoming week, we will be taking a look at One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers which will be available early in July. So far, we have recent development and One Piece Chapter 1017, which reveals the truth beyond Luffy’s devil fruit. We will have three exciting chapters before another weekly break.

For July, One Piece will focus on the battle between Queen and Sanji and other actions happening in Onigahima. Everyone is waiting to find the truth beyond Luffy’s defeat, which will get revealed soon, and the Manga continues. One Piece will continue to show different twists and turns during the battle until Luffy returns. The clash between father and daughter (Kaido and Yamato) will continue while the Samari searches for Kaido’s head. Yamato’s powers and Sanji’s powers will get revealed as the battle continues.

The Manga will keep on its pace, but the battle far from ending since Kaido has more to offer for the Samurai. The upcoming chapter will be the most interesting since the truth behind different Devils Fruits powers will be revealed. The enemies will get wiped out even though they are large in number. It is not easy to predict the upcoming chapters since the war has recently begun with more things that still have to happen. The rematch between Luffy and Kaido will take long.

One Piece Chapter Schedule for July 2021

The Samurai still charge led by other vital Captains while Sanji resolves to defeat Queen. Yamato is trying to survive until Luffy arrives for another brawl. Luffy’s allies will keep on fighting while waiting for his return. Let’s take a look at the July schedule below. Let’s take a look at what the Manga has for July:

One Piece

One Piece

No Break This Week on 27 June 2021

One Piece Chapter 1018 release date is 2 July 2021.

For July, the Manga will release a new chapter early in the first week of July. The chapter will arrive on Friday, but we were expecting it on Sunday. The spoilers will be available during the week before the main chapter releases. After the release of chapter 1018, we will still have two chapters to look forward to, and the spoiler will be available as soon as the Manga release the latest chapter. The last chapter from June will count on the two in early July, then filled by a weekly break.

In the latest chapter, we saw Jinbe and Who’s Who getting involved in a one-on-one. Who’s Who showed up his trump card, and it revealed that he was the former agent of C9. On the other side, Chopper witnessed the after-effects of the 30-minute rumble ball. The truth beyond Who’s Who came out in the open, and the Gomu Gomu no Mi is related to the World Government. One Piece has so much to reveal from the following chapters.

One Piece Chapter 1019 release date is 9 July 2021. So far, the Manga will release the latest chapter on Friday consecutively until the oda break hits. Chapter 1019 will be the second one in July month. After the release of chapter 1019, the oda break will arrive then another three chapters will release. The chapter will offer many, which make us think that Sanji will be dominating Queen and Yamato will still take one-on-one with Kaido. About Luffy, it is hard to find when he will battle again but he is rescued.

Oda Break

One Piece Chapter 1020 release date is 23 July 2021. One Piece Chapter 1021 release date is 30 July 2021. One Piece Chapter 1022 release date is 6 August 2021. All of those chapters will be revealing another part of the battle, as followed by WSJ Break. The spoilers will be available every week, early around Monday to Wednesday. We will keep updating more about One Piece Manga and Anime since the battle in Onigashima is about to start in the Anime.

The Manga will continue usual, just like Anime. One Piece is always available online officially on VIZ Media and Manga Plus. If you have missed the latest chapters, you can read them here: One Piece 1017 Spoilers: Secret Of Luffy’s Devil Fruit? and Spoilers & Preview: One Piece Chapter 1018.

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