One Piece Chapter 923 Official Spoilers: O-Tama Is Dead?

In the previous chapter of One Piece, Luffy ended the pages with his surprise attack on Kaido’s dragon form. The Elephant Gun attack that he did to Kaido is one unpredictable turn of events, especially with the last chapters focusing on Kinemon’s sneaky plans. In One Piece chapter 923, Luffy will meet someone unexpected, with a sober Kaido behind his tails. Will he survive the assault of a Yonko?

One Piece Chapter 923 Spoilers – Tama In Danger

Spoilers are out for One Piece chapter 923, and oh boy, things got escalated quickly. Just a few hours ago (in One Piece time), Luffy and the others are just entering Wano. In that span of time, they wreak havoc to Bakura Town and defeated a lot of people. And just after meeting with this crew and allies, the final boss appeared. In the current chapter, after that Elephant Gun, Kaido will be on the ground while Luffy checked for his teammates in the ruined Oden’s Castle.

Instead of his teammates and allies, what he found there is a beaten Speed, which he sent out a few chapters ago. Speed will tell him that Kaido found out about her when they are heading toward Tama’s home. Luffy will regret not seeing Tama home himself after he found out that Speed failed to protect Tama. Spoilers did not indicate if Tama is already dead or severely injured, but it seems like Kaido did something bad to her. Law tried to reason out to Luffy and escape, but with Luffy angry over what happened to Tama, he will refuse and say “If I beat him now, it will be the end of all this!”

one piece chapter 923

Kaido and Luffy will have another battle; Kaido in his human form while Luffy is in Bound Man. Luffy will throw a barrage of powerful attacks while Kaido tanks all of it. Because of the time limit of Gear Fourth, Luffy became tired while Kaido sobers up. He sent Luffy flying with just one swing of his club. One Piece chapter 923 will end with Luffy lying unconscious and bloody on the ground.

Did Tama die in the hands of Kaido? What will happen to Luffy now that he’s defenseless in front of Kaido? What will Law do in One Piece chapter 923? Stay tuned for more spoilers in the next chapters.

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