One Piece Chapter 922 Official Spoilers – Luffy Attacks Dragon Kaido

In the last chapter of One Piece, Kaido revealed himself to be a user of a Zoan-type Dragon Devil Fruit. He can easily outrank his record as one of the most gigantic characters in the whole One Piece series. In One Piece chapter 922, Luffy will say his regards to the captain of the Beast Pirates in the craziest way possible.

One Piece Chapter 922 Official Spoilers Are Out

The chapter will open up with the alliance freaking out seeing Kaido’s dragon form for the first time.It seems like Kaido knows the targets: Law, Luffy, and Zoro or those who destroyed the Smile dealings. Law will tell Kinemon that even though their covers are discovered, this will not affect his plans because they are not discovered yet. Now that Kaido appeared in the Okobore Town, he will be worried about the people there and will hurriedly come back to town on his own. Of course, Law will follow him while Kinemon and O-Kiku goes down to the mountain to rescue O-Tsuru.

Meanwhile, Kaido will recognize Shutenmaru and will giddily try to recruit him as one of his subordinates. It will be revealed that Shutenmaru have fought a dragon before and that’s the time he almost died. Jack is worried because if Kaido rampages, the town and its people will be destroyed. This is a great lost to the factories because the Okobore town is where their labor force is recruited. Because of this, Hawkins will redirect Kaido’s attention to the Oden’s Castle, where a suspicious light has been seen.

Kaido’s attention will be diverted to Oden’s castle and he will destroy it with his Borobreath. Jack and Hawkins will be surprised by Kaido’s overwhelming power. But what happened next is what will surprise them the most. Luffy is just like a grain of rice when compared to Kaido’s dragon form, but he will plant a Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun in Kaido’s forehead.

one piece chapter 922 spoilers

And that’s it for One Piece chapter 922 official spoilers. Will Luffy successfully hurt Kaido? We will know in the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 922 Potential Spoilers

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