One Piece Chapter 918 Spoilers – The Ghost Of Wano

A lot of unexpected things will happen in One Piece chapter 918. Luffy will be doing the unexpected while Tama will help him escape. He will finally meet with Law and the Heart Pirates. There is also a calamity that is coming to the Straw Hats direction. Here are the One Piece chapter 918 spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 918 Spoilers – Tama Helps Luffy Escape

This spoiler is from YonkouProd, and the chapter is titled “Luffytaro Returns the Favor.” In this chapter, Luffy will finally take down Holdem for good. However, they need to escape as soon as possible. Not noticing Speed as a half-human and half-horse being, Luffy tried to ride her. Of course, the headliner is not happy about it. But Tama will make way for them to escape the place faster.

One Piece Chapter 918 spoilers

Tama will force-feed her Kibidango to Speed which made the headliner follow her command. She then commanded Speed to bring the food to the people. While they’re at it, Tama will tell Luffy that he reminds her of Ace, but Luffy will not hear it. Tama decided to keep that to herself.

While they’re on their way, they stopped Hawkins and Law who are fighting each other in the entrance. Hawkins is starting to recognize Law, but Law doesn’t really want to kill Hawkins. He just wants to scare him away. As the fight was interrupted by the ship of food that Luffy and Zoro carry, Law decided to tag along with them. He also warned them that taking down Holdem means this incident will be reported immediately to Jack.

When they go back to the Leftover Town, people are pleased to eat as they wish for the first time in a while. Luffy stated that this his repayment for Tama who gave him rice a while ago. He also promised to Tama that because he’s in the country, he will not let the people starve again, to which reminds Tama of Ace. Meanwhile, Hawkins was seen reporting the incident to someone.

Law states that they have to go the ruins of the Oden Castle where he wants to meet the “Ghosts of Wano.” Zoro revealed that he had been there and he saw gravestones of Kanjuro, Kinemon, Oden, Momonosuke, and Raizou. That’s all for One Piece chapter 918 spoilers. Stay tuned for more updates.

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