One Piece Chapter 917 Delayed, New Release Date, Spoilers

Things are escalating quickly in the Wano Country in the last chapter. We saw how Urashima was defeated with just one tsuppari. Also, Holdem arrived just after Urashima was defeated and destroyed his house. Last but not the least, Hawkins and Law is on their way to Bakura Town. Will all the members of the Worst Generation meet up in one place in One Piece chapter 917?

One Piece Chapter 917 New Release Date

I know that a lot of you wants to know what will happen next to Luffy and the other characters in Bakura Town. However, One Piece will take a break this week, and the new release date for the next chapter is on September 12. We will see if all the members of the Worst Generation residing right now in Wano will finally manage to meet each other and have an awesome fight. If this happened, I would be looking forward to seeing Law’s face when he learns that Luffy and Zoro managed to get in trouble again in less than an hour just by joining a Sumo Tournament.

One Piece Chapter 917

There’s a slim chance that the next chapter might focus on some of the other Straw Hat members. It’s been a while since we saw Sanji and the others who left the ship when the ascending Sunny caught a problem. Robin, Franky, and Usopp are also missing for a long time now. And the fact that the Reverie is still going on, there’s a lot of possible content for the next chapter aside from the one in Bakura Town.

The Heart And Straw Hat Pirate Will SaveTama?

In the last chapter, it was shown that Bepo was poisoned by eating a fish in the river. Because of this, they will need a way to cure him, and who else would be the best candidate for this than Kiku herself. Kiku or Tsuru can provide the tea to heal Bepo; this might be enough reason for Law and the others to join the fight and blow their cover. Or it is also possible that Law will fight Hawkins to prevent him from entering the town.

One Piece Chapter 917

Meanwhile, the Luffy-Zoro-Kiku alliance is expected to fight against Holdem. How powerful is a man with a lion on his stomach can be? We will know on One Piece chapter 917.

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