One Piece Chapter 909 Leaks Are Out – Full Raw Spoilers

One Piece 909 leaks

One Piece manga is getting more and more interesting day by day. We had to wait for over two weeks to get One Piece 909 leaks and spoilers, and they are finally here. This week’s One Piece Chapter will feature Wano, Whitebeard’s first division commander Marco, Edward Weevil, and some more interesting stuff.

Thanks to YoukouProductions we now have the latest One Piece Chapter 909 spoilers. So let’s begin with the spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 909

One Piece Chapter 909 – Seppuku

The first part of the manga will feature Marco and Nekomamushi, they are talking about visiting Whitebeard’s homeland where he put his vast resources to work to create a place for those who are weak and poor, so they can live a good life, without issues.

Later in the manga, it is revealed that Blackbeard took over Whitebeard’s homeland after the summit war and made it into a war zone. The manga also features Whitebeard’s self-proclaimed son, Edward Weevil, and he wants the large wealth that whitebeard left behind. Ms. Bakkin, mother of Weevil is said to have been on Whitebeard’s ship.

The other Strawhats are already in the Wano country as merchants to keep from Yonko, Kaidou’s watchful eye, thanks to Kinnemon, it was easily possible to mix with the normal population. They are using aliases to hide their identity, Franky is using Franosuke, Usopp is using Usohachi, Robin is using Orobi, and Zoro is using Zorojirou.

One Piece 909 leaks

The Shogun of Wano is called ‘Orochi’, and the ones obeying him are all also connected to the King of the Beasts, Kaidou. Once the Strawhats causes trouble, they will be reported to Kaidou, so till then they are laying low and acting like they are part of the country till the time comes.

The town is getting noisy, and Zoro is about to get in a big trouble. A murderer who has been attacking people randomly has been caught by the magistrate and he has to commit seppuku. The one who was actually caught was ‘Zorojirou’. It was all because of Ryuma’s sword that was stolen along with his corpse, 23 years ago.

In case you don’t remember, The sword is called ‘Shuusui’, Zoro received it from Ryuma in the Thriller Bark arc. The magistrate has it out that a killer is wanted, and the shogun somehow realizes Zoro’s got the sword he wants and thus tries to frame Zoro. After Zoro is given a small katana to commit seppuku, he realizes that the magistrate is the murderer, so Zoro attacks him. He’s got no choice but to defend himself and apologizing to Kinemon and attacks.

That was it for today’s chapter, it was very intense. One Piece 910 is going to be really interesting, let’s see how it goes.