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One Piece Chapter 1028 Spoilers: What Are Sanji’s Hidden Powers?

One Piece Manga
One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1028 Spoilers has arrived early this week since the manga will be taking a weekly break. One Piece Chapter 1028 spoilers are not explained in detail. From the latest One Piece spoilers and chapter, the battle has become intense in Onigashima while Luffy, Yamato, and Momonosuke try to take down Kaidou. Luffy realizes that Onigashima is on the brink of hitting the Flower Capital and tells the two to take care of it. Yamato realizes that Luffy wants to have 1v1 with Kaidou. She reveals Kaidou’s Devil Fruit powers talking about how dragon dives through the sky and the Cloud they create called Flame Clouds.

Ogashima begins to drop rocks and debris while it continues to fly at full speed. Yamato notice that Kaido’s strength is depleting, and his Flame Clouds are unstable. Momosuke realizes that he has to create his Flame Cloud, and it will stop the falling Onigashim, and Flower Capital will not get crushed. Zoro vs. King continues while King fights recklessly and smashes his enemies along with his allies. During the battle, King transforms and uses Air-Slashing attacks and hurts everyone around him.

Zoro survived the attacks using his Katana and unleashes Ultra Tiger Hunt. He used that new technique against King and broke King’s mask. King landed a clean strike that almost sent Zoro out of flying Onigashima. Zoro realizes that he would have felt if he didn’t maintain his balance. Zoro realizes that he is a swordsman who has to die on a sword and tells King that he will never forgive him if he dies, and King says the same. The battle continues as they exchange massive strikes. One Piece Chapter 1028 will release on VIZ this coming weekend but take a break after this release.

One Piece Chapter 1028


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One Piece Chapter 1028 Spoilers

Full summary, thanks to Redon: The chapter title: Brachiojaurus or Brachio Snake.

The chapter begins in the Guest Room of Onigashima. The CP0 communicates with Den Den Mushi via a call, and the boss talks about the dragon that recently appeared, thinking that it might be related to the fruit that Vegapunk created.

CP0’s boss said: Straw Hat Luffy and the dragon were together, and this news dragon is Kaidou’s enemy.

The Mysterious guy: It doesn’t matter; both they are pirates anyway.

CP0’s boss gets angry

CP0’s boss: Why did you call for?

Mysterious guy: We have received new orders from above. It seems as if Kaidou will lose the war, the government will interfere and change Wanokuni into a country under the World Government. Several boats are heading to Wanokuni; how is Kaidou losing?

We spot a few ships in the sea near Wanokuni, but we cannot see the front; the World Government might have sent them. The CP0 reveals about 30000 members on Kaidou’s side Vs. 5400 Samurai’s side to 12000 members. Kaidou’s side Vs. Eight thousand members on the Samurai’s side.

CP0’s boss: This war has turned is more interesting than I expected. But I don’t believe Kaidou will lose.

Mysterious guy: Good, there is another order.

The mysterious guy is  Rob Lucci; he is in the same room as Kaku and Stussy, Kaku’s on chair. Lucci continues to talk about Nico Robin, who is the “Key” for the Straw Hats Pirates.

Cut to Onigashima Island, five minutes until Onigashima island crushes Flower Capital.

Monosuke manages to create small ”Flame Clouds,” nervous and desperate.

Yamato turns in her hybrid form, crawling around the island ground.

Cut to the Onigashima’s Live Floor; Queen took his hybrid form.

Sanji vs. Queen

Queen uses a technique called Brypan: Coming Wind Fist and Sanji dodges the attack.

Queen gets furious and hits Sanji, who hits with rocks.

Queen said: Get it out!! “The Germa 66 battle suit.”

Sanji: What?

Chopper shouts Sanji!!

Queen said: Sanji used it when he clashes King, the battle suit.

Sanji said: Stop talking about the others’ families’ matter without knowing the truth.

Queen uses an attack called “Black Coffee” Sanji dodges it and unleashes “Diable Jambe – Bien Cuit: Grill Shot” that sent Queen flying after burning his belly.

Queen gets up and turns into a beast form and releases “Brachiojaurus: Brachio Snake.”

Sanji shouts: Ehhh!!

Queen grabs Sanji and strangles him like a giant snake.

Queen: Nobody has managed to escape from my “Brachiotoguros.”

Sanji screams, feeling pain; the Samurai wonders how they can help him.

Queen: Come on, show me the power, the Germa!!

Sanji refuses, and rockets emerge out of Queen’s torso.

Queen explains, “Brachio Launchers.”

Sanji gets up with a broken leg.

Chopper: What’s the matter, Sanji? Are you okay?

Sanji:  I can move normally

Samurai: Your body is broken, Sangoro-san!!

Sanji’s broken bones get repaired.

Sanji: What’s wrong with my body…!! Is this the same power they have?

Queen: Damn, brat!!!

Chopper: Sanji!! At your back!!

Queen attacks Sanji’s neck and his face with a sword, but it breaks into pieces.

Sanji:  It hurts, but I don’t want to transform into monsters like them…!!!

Queen: What?

—Break This Week—

Momonosuke and Yamato’s Situation

The duo allowed Luffy to clash with Kaidou on a one-on-one. The two realize that there is no time, and Onigashima will crush the Flower Capital at any moment. This has been revealed in the previous chapter, and now that Onigashima has less than five minutes to crush. At this moment, the citizens from Flower Capital are scared for their lives since they can see Onigashima coming towards that Capital at full speed. Momonosuke and Yamato will try to use another Flame Cloud to stop the Onigashima.

Momonosuke is scared, thinking that he can create something that Kaidou created. But Yamato is there to help him. Luffy has something on his mind since he faces Kaidou for the second time, and he can’t lose twice. Momo has to create the Flame Cloud and control Onigashima using it. This might be when Luffy will start to dominate weak Kaidou since he is exhausted, and they punish him on 3v1. Big Mom is on the other side and leaves Kaidou alone.

One Piece Chapter 1028

Yamato & Momonosuke

Kaidou has become weak, and Luffy noticed that. Momonosuke has to summon a huge Flame Cloud to move Onigashima away from the Flower Capital. Luffy vs. Kaidou, Sanji vs. Queen, and Zoro vs. King are the duels that the manga will be focusing on while Momonosuke continues to deal with the flying Onigashima. We will update you more about One Piece as soon as we get the latest updates. One Piece spoilers of the upcoming chapter will release this coming week.

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