One Piece Chapter 1026: Release Date & Plot Recap

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One Piece Chapter 1026
Luffy and Momonosuke Fan Art

One Piece Chapter 1026 will be coming a bit later than usual, with the manga going on its usual one-week break. The last chapter saw Momonosuke and Kaidou standing face to face while Luffy and Yamato had just dealt strong blows on his face. So next, we should expect the final battle to start with Kaidou set to go all out. 

Meanwhile, the fights at other floors of Kaidou’s castle continue, as we had seen when Luffy made a ride by from the live floor while on Momonosuke’s back. With the next chapter a few weeks ahead, this presents a good opportunity to look back at what has been happening up to this point. 

For One Piece manga, this will be a blank week, so if you are used to getting new chapters every week, then the wait might feel a bit longer as everyone is eager to see what will happen next. Fortunately, we have seen how things are going on from every battle. So no matter what scene we get in the next chapter, things will be worth looking forward to.

Soon we will look at the last chapter’s highlights, and even if it was not filled with as much action, it is now clear that we will get uninterrupted fights with more chapters to come. We are still looking forward to a flashback from Luffy and Kaidou’s last encounter as we did not get to see what happened. The last time we checked from the rooftop, Luffy was evenly matched against Kadou. 

Then the next thing we saw Luffy falling into the ocean with the same look he had back in Okobore town when Kaidou knocked him out with his Thunder Bagua.

One Piece Chapter 1026
Akazaya vs Kaidou Fan Art | Credits: GOLDENHANS

One Piece Chapter 1025 Summary

Continuing where the previous one left off, we saw Luffy ride on a transformed Momonosuke’s back. This time, Momonosuke appears as large as Kaidou’s dragon form thanks to Shinobu’s powers. The last two chapters have been running back to back in terms of action, so it will be really interesting if the next one keeps this format consistent.

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The only action we managed to see was from the rooftop where Yamato is fighting with Kaidou. As for the rest of the fights, we only got their reactions as they saw Momonosuke rampaging in his dragon form. We also got to see what Shinobu said before she could get Momonosuke being confirmed. She had told him that even though she would age him to maturity, his heart would still remain that of a child.

Momonosuke was still afraid of height, so he had difficulties flying too high; instead, he opted to fly with his eyes closed while Luffy directed him. He managed to catch up with Onigashima in no time but instead crashed on the live floor. So he had to climb up to the rooftop with his eyes still closed. 

What was interesting from this was when he got through each floor and the reactions that we got from both the Samurai’s and Kaidou’s sides. Knowing that there is only one dragon in existence confirmed, most thought that it was probably Kaidou as the last time they heard from him was when he defeated Luffy.

But after noticing the pink color and Luffy, who was riding on his back, they realized that it was not Kaidou but someone else. Meanwhile, Yamato continuing fighting toe to toe with Kaidou, who has made up his mind to finally deal with her since she still declares herself as Oden. Momonosuke made it in time for Luffy to attack alongside Yamato, who still had a bit of fight left in her.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Delayed

One Piece Chapter 1026 will be released on 26 September 2021. One Piece is on a one-week break which usually comes once every three chapters. Since we got the last three chapters uninterrupted, then this week, we will not get a chapter release. So if you were wondering why there is no One Piece chapter released this week, you should keep in mind that it is finally that time for the manga break.

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