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Read One Piece Chapter 1025 Spoilers: Luffy & Yamato vs Kaido!

One Piece 1025

Luffy and Momomonosuke head to Onigashima rooftop to confront Kaidou, and soon One Piece 1025 spoilers will reveal how their confrontation will continue. As expected, the upcoming chapter will focus on the fight at the top as Luffy finally arrives to join Yamato alongside Momonosuke. It will be interesting to see how this will turn out, with Momonosuke now an adult and capable of turning into a huge dragon as well.

As expected, he is yet to master the powers of his devil fruit, so he is still a novice at the moment and would do well to play a supporting role. This is fitting since Momonosuke is the one who asked Luffy to help him take out Kaidou. And now the both of them finally confront him in the final battle, and this would see Kaidou banished from Wano should he lose.

With the upcoming manga break, we will not get many spoiler updates next week as the manga sees yet another Oda’s break coming. At the moment, we will get to see how Luffy and Momonosuke will affect the battle at the rooftop where Yamato seems to be doing well despite being faced against Kaidou, who has finally resolved to identify Yamato as his enemy.

The Onigashima raid has been so intense lately, and we saw how the other straw hats and the Samurai were doing against Kaidou’s force. So now it is finally the time to look at the main battle, and hopefully, it will present something interesting, especially about Momonosuke’s true powers and how he looks like after he has aged 20 years more in an instant. One Piece Chapter 1025 will be officially released over the weekend, with the spoilers and raw scans to be released in a few day’s time.

Luffy and Momonosuke

Luffy and Momonosuke

One Piece 1025 Spoilers

Spoiler sources confirmed by Redon courtesy of One Piece subreddit.

The chapter is titled “Image of the Double Dragon.”

It is based on Koizumi Junsaku’s “Twin Dragons” in Kennin-Ji temple from HIgashiayama(Kioto) that Oda visited a few years back.

On the cover, Usopp is telling his adventure story to members of a news publishing team (two shocked birds that are taking notes in a notebook and an octopus typing in a typewriter). Usopp is dressed up as a pirate captain (he is wearing a hat similar to Roger’s but has his own Jolly Roger), and on his head, there is a paper that the octopus wrote “Big liar story.”

The chapter starts with Luffy encouraging Momonosuke to fly up to Onigashima. Momonosuke tries, but he struggles because he is still afraid of heights. Shinobu and the Heart Pirates are watching the scene in silence.

Back on Onigashima’s rooftop, immediately after the clash of Kaidou and Yamato’s “Raimei Hakke” that we saw earlier at the end of the previous chapter. Kaidou is bleeding from his forehead, Yamato’s skin begins to crack until it shatters into pieces. Yamato used a new technique called “Kagami Yama” (Mirror Mountain – 鏡山), a move that seemed to cover her whole body with a glass-like shield, so she received no damage.

Before the shield completely breaks, Yamato jumps up while breaking free from the crystals. She then rotates her Kanabo in the air before hitting Kaidou with an attack called “Himorogiri” (Cutting Massive Ice – 氷諸斬り), stomping Kaidou’s head in the ground.

But, Kaidou gets up again and assaults Yamato with his Kanabo repeatedly.

Kaidou: “No matter how much you used other’s names or tried to become a real samurai… You can not deny that you are the son of Kaidou. You still have the “Oni (鬼)” blood in your body!!”

Yamato: “It does not matter to me!!!”

Yamato manages to hit Kaidou on the face with her Kanabo, but he keeps on talking.

Kaidou: “You have always been alone, running around and hiding in the castle.”

Yamato replied while we saw a panel with young Yamato reading Oden’s diary in secret.

Yamato: “That is not true!! I have a friend!!! “

As she talks, Yamato remembers Ace. Kaidou talks to her:

Kaidou: “Yeah, but your friend is dead… Along with the samurai and people who were nice to you!!”

Then we see a little flashback in which a Kaidou’s subordinate who was kind to Yamato and used to give her food secretly being executed for it ( it was on a wooden cross like the one Jack used to torture the Inuarashi in Zou). Yamato watches it as it happens.

Back to the present, Kaidou attacks Yamato on her head with his kanabo, and Yamato falls to the ground. He hits Yamato repeatedly and violently while she is pinned on the ground. Kaidou appears as a real ogre.

Kaidou: “You are a child of “Oni (鬼)”!! You have to rule humans by force, not to get along with them!! It is your fate, Yamato!!!”

Meanwhile, Luffy is with Momonosuke, who finally manages to fly. But, Momonosuke flies with his eyes closed as he is still afraid of heights Momonosuke is flying so fast that they reach Onigashima in few seconds, while Shinobu looks at them from the ground in silence yet with a very serious face.

While Momonosuke is flying above Onigashima Island, Luffy tells him that they should head to the roof of the dome. However, Momonosuke flies with his eyes closed and ends up entering the skull inside the castle. In a funny double spread page, we see how Luffy (who is screaming) bursts into the “Live Floor” riding on the back of Momonosuke (who is still closing his eyes) as we see the reaction from Queen, Sanji, Hyogoro, Kawamatsu, Izou, Marco, Zoro, and then King.

Momonosuke then flies across the “Live Floor” as Luffy tells him that they have to go to the roof. Momonosuke is a bit dizzy but managed to straighten out and climb. Then they go through the 2nd floor of the castle, right in the place where Big Mom continues fighting with Kid and Law.

Kid was surprised: “What the hell!!?”

Luffy: “Ahhhhhhhh!!”

Law: “Mugiwara-ya!?”

Big Mom: “Kaidou!!? What is going on!?”

Momonosuke continues climbing up while all who see him are shocked. Luffy helps Momonosuke while some of the debris gets into his eyes, and he just keeps crashing all over the castle.

Luffy Arrives at the Rooftop

Luffy and Kaidou fan art

Luffy and Kaidou fan art

Back on Onigashima rooftop. Yamato reverted back into her base form and prepared to attack her father again. We then see that from a distance behind Yamato, Momonosuke managed to cross the castle and reached the rooftop (Luffy continues his screaming). 

Kaidou appears to have noticed it and looks at them, surprised. Luffy looks at Kaidou and tells Momonosuke to straight for him. Momonosuke does it and this time with his eyes wide open.

Yamato and Luffy attacks Kaidou without either of them being aware of the other’s presence.

Yamato: “Shinsoku (God’s Foot – 神足 (しんそく))”

Luffy: “Gear 4″ Snakeman!! Gomu Gomu no…!!”

Yamato: “Hakujaku (White Snake Gallop – 白蛇駆 (はくじゃく))!!!”

Luffy: “Jet Culverin!!!”

In an impressive double-page, Luffy and Yamato hit Kaidou at the same time on his face; their attack creates a black lightning bolt. After the attack, Yamato noticed the arrival of Luffy, something that made her very happy.

Luffy: “Yama-o!! You helped stop Kaidou? Thanks!!” But there is no time for reunions. In a new double-page, Kaidou transforms into a dragon and confronts Luffy and Momonosuke.

Kaidou: “How did you survive!? Straw Hat!! And who is that dragon!!? Introduce yourself!!”

Luffy: “I won’t die no matter what!!! Because I am the man who will be the Pirate King!!!”

Momonosuke: “My name…!! My name is…!! Kouzuki Momonosuke!!! The man who is going to become the Shogun of Wano!!!

Yamato looks at the pink dragon and thinks about kid Momonosuke she met shortly before.

Yamato: “Momonosuke-kun!!”

Kaidou: “Wororo, so you are that kid!! The world doesn’t need two dragons!!! “

Momonosuke faces Kaidou once again, and despite having aged 20 years, he still appears to be the same child who is very scared of Kaidou. Earlier on, Shinobu told him that even if he becomes an adult through her powers, his heart will still remain that of a child.

So next, we will see the role that Momonosuke will play in this battle as the rightful heir of Wano. Luffy appears to be in top form. And Yamato seems to have surpassed her limits. At this point, it looks like the battle is 3 vs. 1, with Kaidou outnumbered. Since Kaidou appears to enjoy fighting an opponent as strong as Luffy, we will see how this goes.

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One Piece Chapter 1026 Delayed

One Piece 1025 will mark the third consecutive chapter since the last manga break. This means that after the official chapter release, the manga will go on another one-week break as Oda takes one of his personal breaks.

After this, we will get three more chapters before we get another one. The spoilers for the upcoming chapter will be earlier than that. Usually, we would get partial spoilers on the first week. Then for the second week, the full spoilers would follow and ends with full scans on a Friday before the manga break ends.

The upcoming chapters will likely focus on the rooftop battle for a while. So we should see what difference Luffy Momonosuke and Yamato will bring to the fight. We also look forward to the flashback of the last time when Kaidou knocked Luffy off the island.

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