One Piece 928 Raw/Scan Possible Spoilers: The Secret of Kurozumi Orochi

One Piece manga chapter 927 came out this week, and the focus was all on the Strawhats. We’ve focused quite a lot on Luffy and the others already and it seems that now is the time for Robin, Sanji, Franky and Usopp to shine. Sanji did get screentime at Whole Cake Island, but he didn’t really get any major fights, so maybe Oda is making up for that here.

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One Piece Chapter 928 Spoilers

For now, what we know is that the story is focused in the Flower Capital and Sanji remains to the center of the plot as we move forward. As we saw in this chapter, the Shogun is having a Banquet and there, he plans to make Komurasaki his forever. Of course, Robin is invited at this event as well, and she’s going to go there as a Geisha. Sanji, Franky and Usopp are there to see the beauty that is Komurasaki.

However, they don’t know that the Queen has already made her move and that some assassins will be coming Sanji’s way soon. I think this is yet another foreshadowing for Sanji to fight Queen at the end of this arc. Queen is sending Assassins. Sanji is from a family of Assassins. I don’t think it can be any clearer than this. It seems that there is going to be a big mess at the Flower Capital when the Queen’s assassins arrive to kill Sanji.

Of course, it won’t be easy for them to get through Sanji because he’s plenty powerful by himself and he can take them all on. The Shogun’s Devil Fruit power was also teased in One Piece Chapter 927 and it seems he is a 5 headed serpent, which seems like a Mythical Zoan ability. We will definitely catch our first glimpse of that Shogun in the next chapter, and we will also see the Queen begin her work to kill Sanji.

Where To Read One Piece 928?

There are some unofficial sites that allow you to read One Piece manga. However, even if you read the scanlation, please support the official release by waiting for the official release, which will help the anime and manga community. We will not see One Piece return next week. For now, the manga is on break and will resume in Shounen Jump double issue 04-05. The scans will be out by 22 December 2018. One Piece Chapter 928 returns officially on 24 December 2018.

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