One Piece 921: Zoro Vs. The Billion Berries Calamity

One Piece 920 dropped last week, and without a doubt, it was one of the best chapters of this year. We got to know a lot of stuff about Wano and Kozuki Oden, and most importantly, it was confirmed that time travel does indeed exist in the world of One Piece. Previously I shared the theory about time travel with you guys, and I think a lot of people didn’t buy into what I was saying.

One Piece 921

I think now, you probably realize that anything is possible when it comes to One Piece, as long as it is handled carefully. Coming over to the next chapter, we have news for you, and that is One Piece won’t be returning with Chapter 921 this week. If you read last week’s manga, you probably know that One Piece 921 will be delayed.

The upcoming manga chapter will focus on Zoro in my opinion. Jack has been teased for quite a while now. In my opinion, Zoro will face Jack in a one-on-one fight. Last we saw Zoro; he was lost once again. He entered a what’s which looked fishy. As far as Jack goes, he was seen coming over to Kuri after learning of Holdem’s defeat, and I think this is the perfect time for those two to clash.

If the clash does happen, we’ll see the start of something incredible at Wano. We haven’t had any serious fight except for Law be Hawkins, and I think it is time for Zoro vs. Jack to begin and spice things up a bit. On the other hand, we will also find out what the plan for the upcoming two weeks is. As we know, they’re invading Onigashima after two weeks. We need to know what the plan until then is, so I think Law will be explaining it all to Luffy and the others.

Where To Read One Piece 921?

Some unofficial sites allow you to read One Piece manga. However, even if you read the scanlation, please support the official release by waiting for the official release, which will help the anime and manga community. The One Piece manga is in a break next week. We will see it return in Jump Issue 47. The scans will be out by Friday, October 19. One Piece Chapter 921 returns officially on 22 October 2018.

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