One Piece 911 Official Spoilers Are Out

One Piece 911 raw

We have confirmed spoilers from One Piece Chapter 911 Raw/Scans, and there’s a lot of stuff going on this week. The Wano Country arc has finally begun picking up the pace. As we saw last week, Luffy and the others entered Wano Country at last. While Luffy was left on a strange island, Sanji and the others had unknown whereabouts. This week, we’ll see Luffy going through the Kuri part of Wano, and it looks exciting. Portgas D Ace also has a role to play in today’s chapter, and we have the Worst Generation playing an important role as well.

One Piece 911 Official Spoilers

One Piece 911

A quick warning, this post contains legit spoilers from the chapter. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then please stop reading here. However, if spoilers don’t bother you, then let’s begin. Spoilers courtesy of Den_Den_Mushi from OroJackson forums:

– Luffy recalls how he got to this stage
– Just as they were about to be swallowed by the tides, Luffy inflated himself to use as a jumping platform, and Sanji jumped off the ship carrying the crew in his arms
– Just as Luffy tried to escape the Pedoctopus, it grabbed him, and he fell into the vortex. The Vivre Card in his hat was lost. A girl has been caught by some thugs in the forest of creatures
– Because she is a vassal of the evil Light Moon (Kozuki) clan and they threaten to sell her in the red light district or imprison her.

One Piece Chapter 911

– They reach the shore and see Sunny
– Their bodyguard, the demonic baboon, is fighting the guardian lion.
– The thugs contact the ‘star performer.’
– They plan to sedate Luffy and capture him for illegal entry
– A guy points his gun at Luffy but is knocked down
– They told the baboon to ignore the lion and just beat Luffy instead
– But Luffy scares the baboon into submission with his glare
– The girl escapes come up behind the thugs and knock them unconscious with a bludgeon.

– Her name is O Tama.
– O Tama makes a ring with her index finger and thumb and makes some dumplings to feed the baboon
– The baboon instantly becomes attached to her. Luffy says it’s a useful ability. According to Tama, he is currently in Kuri
– As she was buying food in the market, the guys who brought the baboon found her
– She said to remember the Kozuki clan, which is a serious crime in Wano. The guardian lion was trying to protect her
– She brings Luffy back to her home and makes him a small meal of rice and pickles. Luffy is disappointed at having so little to eat.

– Tama lies that she’s going to the bathroom but actually drinks from a river to stave off her hunger. Then her master, Tengu, comes home.
– He is mad that Luffy ate the rice
– O Tama hasn’t eaten in a few days, he says. She works hard daily for money and ignores her hunger.
– For her 8th birthday, he sent her to get some rice so he could feed it to her.
– He is angry that Luffy has eaten all that rice. O Tama comes back and tries to smooth things over but collapses instead. Luffy is shocked.

– Tengu says Kaido’s factory pollutes the water from the river and it made her sick. She can move to a better place, but she stays to keep her promise to Ace.
– Scene change, the star performer, is Basil Hawkins. He tells his subordinates to cut off communications and head towards Kuri, but not tell Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 911 is coming out this week. The scanlation for this chapter is coming out tomorrow, July 11, 2018. Those who wait for the official release should note that the chapter will come out on July 16. If you read one piece scans, please make sure that you still support the official release by buying the Volume, of Jump issues which contains the One Piece chapter as well. That’s it from me guys. I hope to see you all soon.


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