One Piece 901 Spoilers

One Piece 901 is one of the most awaited manga chapter of this year so far and that totally goes without saying a word about it. The last week’s OP 900 was so intense that it left everyone with a big cliffhanger on what happened to Strawhats Pirates and their ship.

In case you totally missed out on last week’s One Piece 900 manga chapter, let me give you a quick summary about it.  The strawhats crew finally escaped from Cacao island with the help of Germa Kingdom and new Fishmen pirates. The Queen Mama Chanter showd up suddenly and wrecked the Thousand Sunny. Big Mom regained most of sense after eating the cake, and by the end of the chapter we could see the Strawhats ship Thousand Sunny’s flag floating on the water.

One Piece 901 Spoilers

If you don’t want to get spoiled please don’t read it, the following content is potential spoiler. The Strawhats will somehow survive because we have seen Big Mom hallucinating before and this may just be an illusion, because Charlotte Linlin saw that Judge was about to face-off with Charlotte Snack and there’s no way she would know that the Vinsmokes were on Cacao Island. She was raging, so she didn’t have any information on anyone.

One Piece 901 spoilers

Monkey D. Luffy is totally out of energy and he can’t do anything right now so who is going to save them here? My bet is on the following Katakuri and Pudding because there is a possibility that the Strawhats will actually get caught. If that happens, then no one can save Mugiwara crew except for Katakuri and Pudding asking Mama to let them go.

What I mentioned above was my prediction and this is most likely how One Piece Manga Chapter 901 will turn out. There’s no One Piece chapter this week because it’s on a break and OP Manga will return next week on April 13, 2018.

You can read One Piece manga for free on VizMedia‘s official site. One Piece 901 is not available for download.

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