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One Piece

One Piece 1012 Spoilers Out Via Reddit: A Moment You Have Been Waiting For

One Piece 1012 Spoilers
Big Mom In One Piece

Surprisingly this week, we got early One Piece Chapter 1012 Spoilers; it was not supposed to release up until early next week. Before we get to the One Piece Spoilers, we will take a look at the recap of the previous manga chapter. In the highlight, the spoilers will be focusing on Nami, Luffy & Big Mom.

Coming to the previous One Piece chapter, we get Kaido & Luffy’s talk and how he is enjoying the fight, and Luffy asks Law to leave the fight to him, and so Law transports Zoro and Zeus inside of Onigashima. On the other hand, we see Kid & Killer and that they are already in the castle looking for Big Mom as they encounter Hawkins; Killer asks Kid to go on ahead to handle Big Mom and leave Hawkins to him.

We see Nami, Ussop, and Tama and how they are being chased by Page One and Kaido’s subordinates. While they are trying to run away, Page One bites the tail of Komachiyo, and as they are trying to escape, they encounter Big Mom. Nami and Usopp turn pale, and as Big Mom is about to attack them, Tama calls Big Mom, and she suddenly turns friendly, and as Tama explains the whole scenario of Okobore town, it infuriates Big Mom. She lands a crushing CoC Haki coated blow to Page One, knocking him out in the result.

We see everyone shocked on the last page of the manga, and we see Ulti shocked to see her Pai Pai got one shot by Big Mom.

Read One Piece 1012 Spoilers Via Reddit

The upcoming One Piece Chapter is titled Vortex, which can also mean Swirl. Probably targeted at Sanji at some point.

– Chapter starts with the Akazaya Nine / red scabbards moving together, and we see O-Kiku says she will take care of Kanjuurou as she previously failed to do so. On the other hand, her brother, Izou, is worried about Kiku’s arm.

– Nekomamushi meets one of the three musketeers Shishilian who tells him that Pedro has died. He also informs him that the murderer of Pedro is on the Island at the moment, and they go after him.

One Piece 1012 Spoilers

Sanji & Zoro from One Piece Wano Arc

– Cue to Momonosuke, he says there are 2 voices on the roof, which is Luffy & Kaido. We get a really good moment; on the other hand, Sanji takes Zoro with him, who is injured.

– Then we are changed to Kawamatsu and Izou; as they join Sanji, they will confront one of the Yonko Commander.

– Page One has fallen after the crushing blow Big Mom landed in the previous chapter; Ulti tries to attack Big Mom with her devil fruit ability. Ulti headbutted Big Mom, but it literally does nothing, as Big Mom is unscathed.

– We see Komachiyo falls, and then Ulti hits Tama, which causes Big Mom to literally lose control as she is enraged at Ulti for hitting her friend. However, the one who attacks Ulti is Nami.

– Usopp tells Nami to run as they can’t beat her, but to which Nami replies that she can’t take it anymore, someone who hits a child… and that she is going to finish her right there.

This is all for the spoilers of One Piece 1012; we will update this once we have full spoilers, so you can read it online right here. You will be happy to know that there is no break after this chapter, and we will be getting One Piece Chapter 1013 in a timely manner.

When is the One Piece Chapter 1012 Release Date?

One Piece Chapter 1012 will release on Sunday, 9 May 2021. You will be able to read it online on MangaPlus and Viz’s official website. In case you do not know, MangaPlus is an official website by Shueisha.

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